How To Activate Your Anti-Gravity Posture System

 When you grasp this whole concept of "Anti-Gravity Posture Training", your whole life will change.


This morning a client told me "Dr. Hoffman…by learning about my core, I finally feel hopeful and more in control of my healtlh!"

So I thought I would share some of her training and education with you.

This whole concept of "Deep Core Amnesia" described in the video below is just as rampant as the "Crossed Posture Syndrome' epidemic (see upper right sidebar) because they are in direct cause and effect relationship!

Both happen as a consequence of stress induced unhealthy aging so you better check yourself NOW before you end up stiff, old, and grumpy! 🙂

Enjoy the video and make sure to grab the free video series by either clicking on my CPS picture in the upper right or entering you name and email in the fields below the video! 



  1. Dr. Steve, Thank you for your enlightening video series.
    You asked for questions.
    Would you please discuss sitting in front of a computer including the position of each body part (top to bottom), the best chair, chair height, ideal direction of eyes toward the screen, the keyboard, the slant or not of the chair seat, etc.
    I feel my chest caving in and my head lifting up and this does not feel right. I am using a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard which allows the hands to slant toward each other with fingers somewhat slanting down.
    If this is the topic of one of your previous videos, would you pls point it out? Thank you! Donna

    • Sorry, no previous episodes on computer ergonomics but thanks for the fodder for an upcoming episode!

      I’m becoming a fan of standing while balancing barefoot on a rocker board and foam balance pads so my central nervous system is more “engaged and alive”. Soon I’ll be using the standing “set up” full time where sitting would actually become “the break”.

  2. Hi Doc Steve,
    Thanks for the back check tests. amazingly i passed with flying colours :]
    I do core training and stretcting as well as my marathon running!
    I did have a back problem in the past, the cause was running with my head looking down, this video
    made me realize how incorrect head posture can put your spine out of alinment.
    cheers RICK
    P.s. I think the lunge stretch in your last video would be good to improve my running stride length!

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