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Core Wellness Institute
Doctor's Referral Page For For Natural Pain Relief / Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Programs

  All Doctor Referrals Receive A Comprehensive 33-Point “Key Link” Evaluation To See If You Qualify For Our Program
You Will Be Evaluated For:
  • Joint Blockages – Stiff, restricted joint movement can cause pain, speed arthritic degeneration, and rob your brain of precious input it needs for good agility, balance, and coordination.


  • Muscle Imbalances – These are almost always the root of musculoskeletal strain and pain yet amazingly they are rarely addressed


  • Dysfunctional Movement Patterns – If your daily movements are being done incorrectly and inefficiently…you are wasting energy and wearing your joints out WAY before their time!  THIS is the REAL reason for hip and knee replacements!


  • Inflammatory nutrition habits – You'll be surprised that even a seemingly healthy diet can be perpetuating pain, stress, and unhealthy aging processes in your body
  • Thought Viruses – Your mind is your most powerful tool for healing your body so thoughts that sabotage your healing process must be identified and rewired in order to have any level of success!
  • PLUS…you'll receive a trial treatment to check your responsiveness to the Core Wellness Method.

 At the end of the evaluation, if you qualify, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the "Back on Track" Springboard Program including three individual treatment sessions with Dr. Hoffman and three, half hour core fundamentals posture and muscle balance training sessions with Rebecca (You are not obligated to continue with care by getting the evaluation)


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