Bird Dog Exercise Mistakes

The “Classic” Core Stability Exercise (and why most people do it wrong)

On today’s episode of Core Wellness TV, I’ll be showing you how to correct some classic mistakes with the classic “Bird Dog” core stability / back pain exercise. In addition…you’ll discover why the mindset of “working at the edge of your capacity” is critical for forming new habits and programs in your brain and nervous system.   I’ll be honest,…

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bear crawl exercise re-boot

[Case Study] Low back pain relief, better mood, and no more irritable bowel

Watch out what you say to yourself…you’re brain is listening. That’s the first important piece I share in today’s case study about a recent patient, a real person we’ll call “Jane” who walked in to my office the first day crying, distraught and proclaiming herself as a “wreck”. We were not going to get anywhere as long as she believed she…

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