spine rounding in yoga safe?

Forward Bends…Should You “Round” Your Spine? (Yoga Controversy)

Today on Core Wellness TV, I answer a very important question about “to round or not to round” your spine when you bend forward. Jackie left this GREAT question about Yoga on my last blog post about keeping a flat back and “hip hinging” to save your spine: ——————– “Dr. Steve, This makes a lot of sense. I have been…

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hip hinge snow shovel

Great “Movement Hack” To Save Your Low Back Discs When Shoveling Snow (or anything else!)

Since we’re in the middle of getting our first good snowfall of the winter (about 10 inches or so) I thought I would re-post this video from a few years back talking about the CRITICAL importance of the “HIP HINGE” when you shovel snow, or dirt, or rocks, or even s*^t 🙂 It also applies ANYTIME you bend over.  …

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