Centration for Pain Relief

[Video] What REALLY Causes Pain (and how to make your own morphine)

Here we go!  Ready to make some NEW things HAPPEN this year? THEN LET’S LEARN AND DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! In this recent Q&A video excerpted from my coaching program, I share how to make your brain actually drip some pain relieving morphine into your system (really…it’s true!) I also talk about why building STRENGTH is not what helps with pain…HINT…it’s more about…

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Reverse CPS Now!

Acute Injury Protocol For Warp Speed Healing After Traumatic Injury

VIDEO BELOW 2 weeks ago today I took a pretty serious spill on my mountain bike that put me in a sling for 4 days with an acromioclavicular (shoulder) injury. So I am VERY grateful for the knowledge I have about how to speed the healing and repair process immensely and I wanted to share it with you. The video…

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