What’s The Best Posture Exercise…Heavy Weight or “The Push Away Phenomenon”?

Carrying a heavy weight can be a great way to activate your core stability system and get back into a good posture position… But is it enough? Today’s episode of Core Wellness TV explores the power of carrying heavy weight to “re-actively” switch on your upright posture system. But on the flip side, you’ll discover why the gentler, more intentional,…

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Best Core Training Exercise Position…EVER (Secrets from Prague – Part 3)

At the end of this video in part 3 of the Arizona core stability series, I share the most important body position you must be able to control. You'll also learn what Dr. Kolar from Prague revealed as the true "motor" for movement and posture in a developing infant. More importantly, you'll see how it applies to YOUR posture and…

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