Farmer Steve

Core Wellness Is LEAVING!  (and where we’re going…and WHY! )  Regeneration BABY!

It’s been coming for a while now. It’s exciting…but also kind of scary. Here’s what’s happening… We have decided to say goodbye to the practice in downtown Jeffersonville and hello to some exciting new opportunities. But first…do not fear.   I will continue my practice in a NEW location in “Uptown” New Albany on East Spring Street and I will, of…

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On The Road with Core Wellness TV: Resilient Living and Permaculture School at Ashevillage in Asheville, NC

[fb-like] Today I want to share with you a MAJOR Core Belief of the Core Wellness Institute… If there’s ONE thing you need to understand and take to heart about posture, health, and wellness…it’s this.   Ideal posture and ideal health are natural.     At least they should be.   But we do our best to try to make nature conform…

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What’s The Best Posture Exercise…Heavy Weight or “The Push Away Phenomenon”?

Carrying a heavy weight can be a great way to activate your core stability system and get back into a good posture position… But is it enough? Today’s episode of Core Wellness TV explores the power of carrying heavy weight to “re-actively” switch on your upright posture system. But on the flip side, you’ll discover why the gentler, more intentional,…

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