Your Minimum Core Requirements For Safe and Effective Exercise

It’s no secret that lots of people get hurt by exercising with poor form.  And that almost always means that they are lacking core stability. BUT, this does not mean you should automatically start doing crunches and planks.  It’s much more about “re-awakening” the same movement and stability you developed from the time you were born to the time you were…

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Reverse CPS Now!

Simple Exercise For Building Muscle While Improving Hamstring Length and Upper Back Posture

The simple combo move in today’s episode combines a little yoga with some strength training to give the following benefits: 1. Gets rid of the upper back slouch 2. Stretches your hamstrings 3. Improves your shoulder mobility 4. Unloads and releases neck tension (but only if you do it like I show you in the video) 5. Builds lean muscle…

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