bear crawl exercise re-boot

[Case Study] Low back pain relief, better mood, and no more irritable bowel

Watch out what you say to yourself…you’re brain is listening. That’s the first important piece I share in today’s case study about a recent patient, a real person we’ll call “Jane” who walked in to my office the first day crying, distraught and proclaiming herself as a “wreck”. We were not going to get anywhere as long as she believed she…

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Reverse CPS Now!

Holiday Stress and Pain Relief Exercises, Hormone Balance, And Gratitude Brain Training

Since it’s Thanksgiving time here in the states, I did a special edition of Core Wellness TV for you today.   In this video from the walnut grove (on a crazy beautiful day for late November in the Midwest) I share some great upper and lower body stress and pain relief exercises (it does build up a little this time…

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