exercises for knee pain

Important Exercises For Knee Pain. OR…Is It Just All In Your Head?

As I was walking through the walnut grove at Perrin Park this morning being VERY strategic about my foot to hip connection to rehabilitate my knee, I thought I would share some keys for healthy knees with you. [spacer height=”20px”] So these are a few fundamentals and couple of short stories about how to keep your knees from getting damaged…

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Reverse CPS Now!

Awesome Combo Exercise For Your Low Back, Hips, and Knees

If I had a favorite combination exercise for the low back, hips, and knees…this is IT! The #1 benefit is likely it’s ability to take the load off of your low back and give you more confidence that you back will support you. For the hips…it will help you get more mobility AND stability along with good functional movement that…

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