Case Study: Upper Cross Headaches Related to Hip Function? (Plus How to Feel “Lighter”)

I’ve got an interesting case study for you today about how sometimes the cause of pain and tension are not always so straightforward. That was the case with “Tabby”, who came in with several weeks worth of headaches and discovered the cause to be much more than an ibuprofen deficiency. We fixed the obvious things like her forward rolled shoulders, forward head…

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Reverse CPS Now!

The Best Posture Correction Exercise – “The Pubic Bone Secret” For Organic Posture

This is my #1 posture tip that accesses and automatically “re-awakens” the deeply embedded perfect posture programs you were born with. It is truly powerful and I know it will help you “re-program” your posture (that’s all it really is, by the way…a program like in a computer).  Combine your pubic bone connection with the simple doorway reminder I share…

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