Turtle Posture (come out of your shell)

Turtle Posture? Come out of your Shell with the “Push Away Phenomenon”

“Miss Janey’s” story of coming out her degenerative posture (turtle) and into re-generative (swan) posture to improve her troubled swallowing. Plus an “earthing” strategy for healing. And what would an episode from the FaRRRm be without some NATURE? This one has trail cam critter pix 🙂

push away exercise for posture correction and pain relief

The PUSH AWAY Exercise Strategy to Fix Your Posture and Find Pain Relief

After some hill intervals during my morning hike, I was inspired to share this important movement principle / exercise to build strength and stability to fix forward head posture. Plus…get rid of neck, back, and shoulder pain to boot. J Just re-awaken the developmental patterns of your “inner infant”.  Enjoy