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Here is the link to the free video series dashboard with the self tests and exercises for Crossed Posture Syndrome.

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Dr. Hoffman


  1. For the past six months I have been caregiver and Power of Attorney for my aunt.

    That's why I didn't open your emails.  

  2. Hi!!!!! Please let me stay!!!! I absolutely have been opening your emails very regularly so I am not sure why I was sent this…  Not sure if it's a blanket comment (re the 6 mths) but if not I would question the accuracy of the software that says that I've not opened your email. I've even just posted a few comments in the last few days too in response to your video post email alerts… You can certainly count me in on wanting to stay!!

    Cheers, Kristina

  3. Hello, I've read your recent emails and tend to open most of them. I wish your practice location was near/in my state, Maryland. The videos and email messages are very helpful. Thank you.

  4. Hi steve

    i have opened your emails either on my iphone or iPad . I look forward to your emails as with your help I have begun to see some great results . Thanks

  5. I'm not sure why it's coming to you as "emails not being opened".  I not only open every one but look forward to their content –  especially the ones with a video link!

    Keep em' coming!


  6. Hi steve,

    Thanks for the info. Keep me in please. your emails and videos are really helpful!!!

    Warm regards,


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