What Is “Active Care”


What Do You Mean by Active Care?

 By Steven Hoffman, DC

First let me explain the opposite, “passive care”. As the term implies, something is being done to you with no participation on your part. This type of care predominates in the current “disease care” system where a pill or spinal adjustment is given with no instruction on how to keep the problem from recurring or happening in the first place!

Active care emphasizes participation and education on how to prevent problems or keep them from recurring. Below is a comparison chart to further clarify the difference.
Active Care    Passive Care
Increases your knowledge no education
Inside out healing   attempts to heal from outside in
Reconstruction   patch jobs  
Pain confrontation  pain avoidance behavior
Body awareness        no body awareness   
No labels, focus on function  labeled with disease name
   -Goal setting      -live out diagnosis
   -Self-empowering              -looking for a “fix”
Responsibility      no responsibility
Takes energy   easy way out 
Larger investment  minimal investment
Long-term relief short-term relief
Independent patient dependent patient

Our current passive health care system is failing. The US ranks #1 in health care spending while ranking a dismal 37th in overall health. Do not fall victim to the current system. Educate yourself and then, most importantly, educate others about the power of active care and the concept of taking responsibility for your own health.

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