Great Hip Exercise For Flexibility and Strength Using “Human Yoga” Principles



  1. Happy Easter !
    Love everything you post, tremendously informative and essential tips for good exercise and yoga .
    Thank you Dr Steve.

  2. Hi Dr. Steve,

    A beautiful movement! I love to use this one too with most of my clients. Especially the screen workers.
    what i add to this is the other awareness aspect of moving; the right breathing pattern, meaning to make them realise that rigidity is a usefull ‘tool ‘. So in the way up, into opening up i want them to breath out with sort of pursed lips for two reasons; a) easy activation through bracing and b) feedback through the sound of breathing out with pursed lips – often tell them to blow out a candle that is 2 mtrs away from them.
    the combi of pushing away and breathing out both at the same time makes the effort for most people
    easier and feels like they can do this almost effortless.
    What are your ideas about this ?

    kind regards,

    • All good cues, Bo. The exhalation can provide pressure for sure. But make sure you use the inhale to create this stabilizing pressure, too. A Yoga ujjayi breath can give some good feedback.

  3. Thank you, and yikes! I would love to open my hips and get rid of the stiffness I feel, but I think these moves are contraindicated for me, not to mention impossible! I had a right total hip replacement two years ago and will have the left one done in two weeks. I am afraid to even attempt yoga, but would like to do what I keep my body as healthy as possible the rest of my days. What can I do, Dr. Steve? I also have OA in my low back. I do go to the gym four days a week and do strength training. But I know I need exercises to strengthen my bones and joints. (I have osteoporosis in hips and spine.) Any suggestions? Many thanks!

    • Hi Kathleen,
      I have not had hip replacement, but am also curious as I have a friend who recently had one replaced. I train “middle age” folks and use the shin box position and variations. Has your orthopedist specifically ruled out these kinds of slow, controlled movements? Just curious, and thanks!

      • He has given me the usual hip precautions, eg, not crossing the midline of the body, not breaking 90 degrees at the hip, and he doesn’t want me jogging or doing anything plyometric or ballistic. I do body weight squats, good mornings with plate held to chest and bridges with plate on hips.

  4. I love this, and the connection with opening up with Spring. Ahhhhhh! Thank you, Dr. Steve. Wonderful, important reminders.

  5. There must be some preliminary stretch or something required before getting into this position. I just tried it and I’m so tight that I can’t even get both ‘sit’ bones on the ground at once:) Or am I mistaken? Is the right sit bone off the ground when the right leg is back?

  6. Hi Dr. Steve! Good video. I will need to push my self in this because my right hip has always been my stubborn one. I have been walking more and that has helped me to keep my joints flexable. Thank you!

  7. Happy Easter

    This was one of those movements that actually
    made a difference right away.
    I could almost see the light in the tunnel.
    Never give up, is the thing to remember.

    Thank you Dr Steve.

  8. I’m interested in your CWI program but have questions: Am I a candidate for the exercises with advanced osteoarthritis in a hip (and at age 78)? I’ve been trying to avoid hip replacement. And is Skype needed to participate?

    • Hi Barbara, there will be a few things that will challenge a hip with reduced mobility but the amount you things you CAN do far outweigh what you can’t.

      We have a lot of 70 plus students who are getting great benefit.

      Regarding Skype…no, you don’t need it to participate. If you can watch an online video that’s all you need 🙂

      If you have any other questions you can reply here or send an email to [email protected] and we’ll take care of you.

      Hope to see you inside CWI!

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