No, I’m not your typical doctor…

I don’t wear a white coat.  I don’t wear a tie.  I dress to move.

I don’t prescribe drugs that mask your symptoms.

I take the word “Doctor” very seriously because of its root “docere” from Latin which means “TO TEACH”.

So that’s what I do…I TEACH.

I use natural health EDUCATION, not medication to help you remove the blockages to the expression of your perfect health. 

Education means “to draw out of”.  And that’s what I do.  I “draw out” the amazing potential that you have locked up inside. 

I “draw out” your perfect, innate, ORGANIC posture. 

I “draw out” your strength. 

I “draw out” your stability. 

I “draw out” your feeling of youth, vitality, and HOPE.

It’s all in there.  It just needs to be allowed to express itself.

So, during your “in-person” office visits, I spend the time it takes so you know how to treat yourself so you don’t become dependent upon my manual joint and soft tissue treatment methods for relief.

That means I don’t fit into the conventional health care model and why I’ve never been on any managed care “lists”. 

I am “out of network” because I am “out of the box” and will never let any insurance company tell me what I can and cannot do when it comes to your health.

You’ll also notice that in most of my online videos I teach from NATURE. 

I may be at our farm.  I may be in a walnut grove.  I may be in a gazebo at the park.  I may be in my garden or in someone else’s garden.  I may be next to (or in) a river or on top of a mountain.

Nature is what inspires me and whether you know it or not…it’s also what inspires YOU. 

Following natural ways is the only way to truly and permanently heal from any pain, sickness, or disease.

And if you don’t agree with me, that’s your choice.  I stand in this truth and I’m here to serve those who resonate.

So whether you come to see me in person in Jeffersonville, or you become a student of the online course at www.corewellnessinstitute.com, I look forward to helping you avoid the stress and pain of degeneration and show you how to enjoy a regenerative posture towards life!


  1. Wow! I’m looking forward to meeting you. By the way…it does resonate with me…and makes me think of one of my favorite quotes: “If what I say resonates with you…it merely means we are branches on the same tree. “

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  3. Dr Steve

    I wrote you before with no reply…Iam trying again. I have an IT band that is killing me for about 10 months. It started when I pushed my motorcycle up a steep ramp into my trailer…some days its good but some days it aches…can you send a video for It Band stretches or whatever will help slience this long term disabler? If you were closer, I’d come to you!!
    I am in VA
    John Pappas

    • Hey John,

      Sorry my friend…I try to keep up with responses the best I can. I have hundreds back logged and I give priority to my coaching students at corewellnessinstitute.com.

      A glute bridge with a push out into a heavy resistance band sounds logical to bring hip mechanics back into balance.

  4. What are you a doctor in? You throw the term around a lot for obvious marketing purposes, yet conveniently leave ot what kind of doctor you are. Do you have an MD? PhD? What field? You could be a PhD in English Litereature for all I know.

    • Thanks for your question and concern, Leandro.  I am a D.C., doctor of chiropractic.  But the “doctor as teacher” piece is what is most important to me.

  5. Hi Doc,

    I had surgery to correct a grade 5 spondylotithesis and now am fused from L-1-S2 (I had an extra vertebrae L-6 and S/1-2 were not fused at birth.  I have had so many mixed messages as to what I should and/or shouldn't do. I am 64 yrs old….have always had an active lifestyle but due to nerve damage it's hard for me to tell if I'm doing things correctly. I'm assuming that your exercises would be ideal for me because of the modifications you show in your videos but would like your suggestions also.

    Thanks in advance….Karen

  6. Hello Dr. Steve,

    I just wanted to know what kind of doctor are you? Like your degree, where you studied, etc.

    I am a pre-med student, and I understand that the medical community is being blinded by the pharmaceutical companies about what is true health. Health will not be achieved with medication, but with a total body transformation that includes having a good diet (in my opinion vegan) and exercise.

    My concern is that by now I don’t know what careers are available that want to go the natural way. I am leaning towards a D.C. degree, but I’ve been hearing a lot of bad reviews about the profession and how a lot of chiropractors are actually abandoning the field.

    Do you mind giving me your opinion? I would really appreciate it 🙂

    Paula Campos

    • Hi Paula, my training is in chiropractic from Logan College after a degree in kinesiology from Indiana University in Bloomington.

      I am very happy that I got my chiropractic degree because I can help people calm the buzz of stress by keeping the body moving and in good physical balance. Then you can add in the mental / emotional and nutritional pillars and you’ve got a great program that can really help people.

      There are bad reviews of every profession so I wouldn’t let that keep you from following your heart.

  7. Hi Steve
    I am happy to have come across you! I’m a Yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner and I seem to be heading in the direction of a hip replacement :((
    I wont bore you with details as I do try to be positive at all times. I like your approach and will take on board some valuable information that you have offered up on video. I want to avoid surgery if I can. I look forward to following your work… Its always a pleasure to connect with like minded positive folk!
    Warm regards
    Colleen Carver

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