The “Core Breathing” Issue (I get this question a LOT!)

core breathing

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When you think about “core”, you might immediately think about sit ups, crunches, planks and other abdominal type exercises.

So when I teach about the deep core system through breathing into particular points and “support zones” in infant development positions, I get a lot of questions about it.

Today on Core Wellness TV, I answer a couple of questions from Laurie inside the Core Wellness Institute that I hope to shed some light on how to use your breath and support to help you enjoy a regenerative posture and avoid the degenerative posture!


I am just getting started with module one. I generally get the concept of breathing into the front and back support zones. However I feel I am missing something as I find that continually thinking of getting pressure on the in breath is actually causing muscle tension in my ribs and low back and abs.

and also… What should you feel on the out breath?


The breathing stuff seems to trip people up at first because it’s the movement pattern that gets screwed up the most when we get further and further away from natural ways and allow the stress of this crazy world we live in builds up in our lives, and in our bodies.

I hope this helps you today. Please share this email or post if it does.

Have an awesome day!


P.S. If this resonates with you and you’re not yet a student inside the Core Wellness Institute, enrollment is now open. You can learn more HERE.


  1. Hi Dr. Steve,

    Another confusion is when to tighten and release the kegel muscles?Should they be tightened on expiration and then slightly released on inspiration?

    Thank you for all the great information!


    • Hi Kathy, great, intuitive question. The floor will naturally ‘bulge outward” as you inhale into the container, so you should train the floor through the entire breath cycle to keep the “trampoline” taut. Then you can also play with releasing and engaging like you mentioned.

      The goal is to create a very detailed “map” in your brain of your pelvic floor area. Then you’ll have much better control and coordination.

      I go over this in depth inside CWI

      • Thank you Dr. Steve! I’ll check out the links. I am a long time student who has finally taken the proper amount of time to practice each module and really learn to focus on each aspect of positioning and breathing. The modules are very effective when done right. Many people like myself are not body aware so it is easy to do things wrong when you think you are doing them properly and then advance to more difficult movements before you are ready. That is why is takes your being patient with us to finally understand what you are sharing and to do it right. Thank you for hanging in there with us and encouraging us to learn to move in ways that don’t hurt our bodies and that actually heal them. Your ongoing webinars and short focus segments are very helpful for reminding us to continue to do this. Thank you so much for all of your efforts.

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