The ONE exercise you should do DAILY to stay upright and strong (plus tree of heaven invasion!)

upper back posture exercise

Thought viruses, upper back posture exercise, and my favorite snack (video below)

On this “3 Pillars” edition of Core Wellness TV (Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition) you’ll learn:

  • The importance of avoiding “invasives” in your mind
  • The most important area of your body to mobilize to avoid becoming a hunchback
  • And a simple food to keep you satiated and healthy.

Enjoy, ask your questions below, and please share if it helped you!  Thanks!

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  1. Hey Doctor Steve,
    As usual, I enjoyed your last video.
    You look and appear more stress free since you moved to the farm.
    I’ve always preferred flannel over shirt and tie!!!
    And, like I tell people…. Go Fishing…It’s Good For You.
    Keep up the great work and Peace be with you!!
    Chuck Adams.

  2. I was wondering if the yoga postures of peaceful warrior and downward dog would also help with stretching out the t-4 without pushing out the ribs?

    If the tree-of-heaven proves especially persistent, cut the runners back to about 18 inches, bend the stems and insert the cut ends into small bottles of glyphosate herbicide so that they can slowly drink the herbicide as if they were consuming water.(thought this might be helpful since it keeps the herbicide out of the soil)

    • Absolutely, Rita. Both are good. Devil is in the details, though. The cue about “pushing away” with your crown and your tail bone to stay “long” is crucial.

      With warrior I see to many people “pinching” shoulder blades together and overusing shoulder shrugging muscles.

      And most people don’t have the flexibility in hamstrings, calves, etc to do a full downdog. That’s why I’m showing the modified version here.

      Regarding tree of heaven…Thanks for the idea about the bottle, but I’m not exaggerating when I say there are many thousands (maybe a million) runners and new sprouts. It’s officially a major outbreak that likely, and unfortunately, require foliar spraying in addition to “hack and squirt” for the mature trees.

      My research now is finding the optimal equipment to reduce collateral damage

  3. Thanks Dr.Steve, I love this one to keep the upper spine mobile. You can do it on a wall or anywhere, if you don’t have a tree handy, and it feels great.
    A little sanity and peace in the middle of all this.
    Your videos are so great, as always.

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