Turtle Posture? Come out of your Shell with the “Push Away Phenomenon”

Turtle Posture (come out of your shell)

Turtle Posture (come out of your shell) Video Episode of Core Wellness TV Below…

“Miss Janey’s” story of coming out her degenerative posture (turtle) and into re-generative (swan) posture to improve her troubled swallowing.

Plus an “earthing” strategy for healing.

And what would an episode from the FaRRRm be without some NATURE? This one has trail cam critter pix 🙂


  1. As always, the perspective of the push away phenomenon makes sense. Simple but so powerful, kind of like Nature herself. And speaking of nature, that fox was amazing! I had to re-watch twice to really see it. Even in slow motion, my mind couldn’t grasp it right away, like watching a lightning bolt! Thanks for sharing the wonder of the FaRRRm, its totally faRRRM-out!

  2. The biggest surprise was how much this exercise improved my asthma. Earlier I told you I was doing therapy on Med X machine. I’m always disappointed with therapy. For the last 30 years it seems the numbers seem more important than the person. I’m always saying “Are you sure you want me to do that? It seems way too much.” Then I go home feeling worse than when I started and I look up “Get to your core” to find out what I should have done? My fault, I was looking for a quick fix for deconditioning.

    One question, ” Can a person push away too far to the sides?” Occasionally I feel soreness at and near the sternum. After I push away two to three times a day, it goes away. I’ll be 80 in August. I sleep on my side which I think narrows the rib cage area. I’m assuming it is weak muscles unless the asthma contracts them.

    Thank you. This is a wonderful practice for me.

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