Mini Boot Camp

Here's What Some Of Our Past Participants Of The
"Move Right, Eat Right, Think Right"
Core Wellness Mini Boot Camp Had To Say…

"This was my second event at Core Wellness.  I was skeptical before my first time wondering if it would be more hype than content but was pleasantly surprised to get practical strategies I could put to use immediately. 

Dr. Hoffman's got the system down pat. I feel like some of my movement limitations could be overcome by using the unique core stability tips I learned. 

I especially enjoyed the section where we learned the power of standing on "the 3 pillars". After losing interest in yet another exercise routine due to lack of progress, now I'm excited to start a new year full of promise!"

-Jody Smiley, Louisville, KY


"I'd received several emails about healthy living events from Core Wellness but this one was the right program at exactly the right time:  after spending most of my adult life taking care of other people, both personally and professionally, it was time for me to learn how to take good care of myself.

This particular program has inspired me because it brings the three major components of a healthy lifestyle together in a way that I can understand without being overwhelmed.  Plus it just makes good sense. 

I feel that this program is something I can incorporate into my life, and with the guidance and direction I receive, I'll be able to not only make the necessary changes but also follow through with them.

I'm going to live a long, long time … and I'd rather spend it dancing and laughing then dragging around wondering if I was going to be able to make it across the room.  Life is a gift, and by taking good care of myself I'll be honoring the gift I've been given."

Jeffersonville Attendee


"It was an excellent summary on the key aspects to healthy living…A unique perspective on how to age gracefully."

-Ken Blum, Louisville, KY


"I thought Dr. Hoffman did a great job in presenting the information in a clear and entertaining manner, with good visual aids and audience participation opportunities to really drive his message home. I came because I was ready to get back in tune with my posture and to drop some pounds and the advice on biomechanics and supplements was great.

I also enjoyed the videos on the pharma and factory farming industries. This event gives a great deal of information that could help you to rethink how you approach nutrition and exercise along with tips on changing your outlook on taking care of yourself.

It will also make you aware of the marketing machine that drives media messages about health and food, and how to feel better and avoid a lot of the challenges that make us prematurely age."

-Melinda Simpson, Louisville, KY


"With this knowledge the whole world could benefit and be a happier and healthier place!"

-Charity Miller Smarandoiu, Holistic Health & Massage Therapist, Floyd Knobs, IN


"I've been making a conscious effort to get in better shape and my daughter was already a Core Wellness client so I took her up on her invitation because it sounded like good a good informational seminar.

I was skeptical that it would be just a sales pitch but all the info was great! 

I especially enjoyed the posture section and the parts about the right way to exercise, how to breathe correctly, and importance of the 3 points on the feet. As a nurse I have seen the bad results of poor medications and toxic chemo and now I know which foods and specific supplements are fundamental to help avoid those ugly pitfalls."

-Patricia Hollis, Elizabeth, IN


"The biggest benefit for me was knowledge.  It has been refreshing to hear a professional speak as I believe."

-P.J. McDowell

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