Program Clients


"The Core Wellness Program Saved My Life!"


"Before the Core Wellness program, my condition was a mess.  I was overweight in very bad health with no energy.  I felt like I was running on empty all the time.  Plus I had been suffering from debilitating migraines for over 30 years since I was a teenager. 

I was taking massive doses of Excedrin every day just to make it through. Over the past few years I've had a heart attack and carotid artery surgery and every time I tried to exercise I would hurt myself.  The latest thing was some hip pain and a bone spur on my heel.

Obviously, I was going downhill fast on my own so I was so happy to finally meet Dr. Hoffman and Rebecca at a Lifeline Stroke screening that they sponsored.  I had a feeling that I had finally found the help I'd been looking for.

Now, after 12 weeks of a lifestyle therapy program including education,  nutritional therapy, hands on treatment sessions, and a core training program, my energy levels are up, my sleep has improved dramatically, and my migraines of 30 years are all but gone.

I'm just thrilled that I can finally put in my 8 hour shift at work with a lot less pain and still have energy leftover at the end! I'm also losing weight and my body age has been reversed by 2-3 years!

My future is looking better every day and it was worth every penny. I honestly believe that the Core Wellness program has saved my life." -Teresa Hogg, Jeffersonville, IN



Better Golf! No More Allergies! No More Blood Pressure Pills! 15 Pounds Lighter! 3 Years Of Chronic Back…GONE!

"I had been suffering with back pain over the last 3 years that just kept getting worse and worse.  I'm in sales and carrying luggage and even the weight of my briefcase was enough to put my back out.

Essentially, I had become scared to move.  Scared to go through my daily life.  It was time to figure this out.  It just wasn't right. The most frustrating thing was that I couldn't get out and play a round of golf without paying the price with severe back pain for days afterward.  It was flat out frustrating.

I've had quite a bit of chiropractic care in the past as a result of my back problems but it always seemed like it would only give me temporary relief.

I met Dr. Hoffman when my daughter was referred to Dr. Hoffman by her soccer coach and was impressed with how thorough he was so I gave him a try. Boy, am I glad I did.  He did some very different types of evaluations and determined that muscle imbalances and a weak "core" were at the root of my problems.

And just after the first session of muscle releases and education on how to protect my spine, my back pain was dramatically improved and since then my improvement has continued to be astounding. Now I can do my daily activities without the fear and worry of being laid up for a week or more. 

I still get a touch of back pain after playing a long day of golf, but the self help tools I've learned have allowed my to get myself out of trouble on my own without having do drag myself into his office to get adjusted.

Plus…through the nutrition and lifestyle therapies we implemented, my recurring ear infections are GONE!  My crazy digestive tract is finally normal.  And now I can eat nearly anything I want without suffering any annoying consequences! Also, I was able to eliminate my blood pressure pills, I've lost 15 pounds, and my chronic allergies are a thing of the past.

I'm just so amazed and thankful I stepped up and made the changes I knew I needed to make.  The education, clinical expertise, and support I'm receiving from Dr. Hoffman and all the folks at Core Wellness have been outstanding. My only regret is waiting as long as I did when help was right there all along.  But I guess what they say is true, "When the student is ready, the teacher will come."

-Jerry Roby, New Albany, IN



patty-davis-testimonial-pixNO MORE CARPAL TUNNEL BRACES!

"My name is Patty Davis. I'm 48 and very interested in my health, learning all I can about my body, and staying young and fit.  I've been going to Dr. Hoffman for two in half months.

When I started I wore hand braces for my carpal tunnel, had tension in my neck and shoulders, trouble with my back and hip going out, and stomach problems.

I've accomplished quite a few things since my visits with Dr. Hoffman. I no longer wear my hand braces; I have learned how to exercise the correct way to relieve tension, and certain things to exclude from my diet to help my stomach problems. 

His seminars are really interesting and so helpful.  I hope to continue on in my life learning and changing things to make me healthier and a better person." -Patty Davis, New Albany, IN



"My Hands Were So Numb I Couldn't Brush My Own Hair…
Now I'm 100% Healed!"

"I have been in severe pain with numbness in my hands for several years. The pain got so bad it would keep me up all hours of the night. There were times it was so bad I had to have my husband Mike hold my arms up for me due to them felling like 1000 lb weight. 

I could not hold on to anything, not a coffee cup, the telephone, even a pen to write with. I met Dr. Hoffman in January 2001 and he mentioned how he could help but I was to stubborn to go see him due to my experience with Dr.'s and other Chiropractor's telling me it was carpel tunnel and I would need surgery.

I do not believe in surgery or painkillers and felt there had to be other alternatives to deal with this. I finally could not stand it any longer due to not being able to brush my hair let alone brush my teeth and other personal hygiene areas that needed my attention.  It got so bad I could do absolutely nothing, so in August of 2001 I made an appointment.

To me this man is a saint because he helped me get 100% healed from the numbness in my hands.  He immediately gave me relief but it actually took 15 to 24 visits with him to 100% heal me. He did this by working the muscles and providing me exercises to release the tension in my arms and neck. 

What is so bad about the American way is so many people want a quick fix with pills and surgery. What Dr. Hoffman gave me was relief. He did this the natural way with his chiropractic skills and by teaching me how to breathe properly. 

I have always exercised but I got out of the habit and people are creatures of habit so my point is he gave me back the motivation to take better care of myself the healthy way. He did several things for me to be sure I did not get the numbness back.  He provided me the education and it was up to me to continue on with what he taught me.

He not only healed my hands but he also helped my weight.  I lost 20 pounds by doing what he suggested. When I first started seeing Dr. Hoffman I thought for sure I would be seeing him for the rest of my life and was going to be paying thousands of dollars out to him but that was not so. 

My treatment lasted about 24 visits.  To this day I no longer have any and I mean any pain in my hands, arms or elbows.  I am also keeping my weight down and am still losing. It just takes learning what he has to offer and continue it for the rest of your life to prevent having pain or any other problems. 

His program really works but only if you are willing to continue on what he has to offer after his treatment is over and believe me he will heal you." Angelina Liner – Floyds Knobs, IN



The Results Are Absolutely Incredible."

"7 years ago I suffered a work injury that essentially crippled the use of my right hand.  It was hard to drive, tie my shoes, and survive my daily functions.

Then I met Dr. Hoffman at a health fair and made an appointment for an evaluation.  I was really nervous and skeptical and almost didn't go through with it. 

What a mistake that would have been! The first visit was a blessing but after the 5th visit, a miracle happened. 

The feeling in my right hand returned!  I can now hold a pen again to write this testimonial. After 7 years of misery, I never thought I would be a whole person again.  The results are absolutely incredible." Susan Beams – New Albany, IN


"Hidden Back Pain Cause Discovered!"

"After being treated by Dr. Hoffman and knowing how most chiropractors make a living, I wondered how he could make it by teaching people how to treat themselves.  It's almost like he eliminates the need for his treatments! I learned that my back pain was coming from the way I picked up my 6-month-old daughter from her crib and the way I got in and out of my car!  Who would of thought it?"         -Andy Burdsall, New Albany



"Debilitating Knee Pain Fixed…
Now Mowing Grass and Playing Best Golf In 3 Years"

"A few months ago, I began to have pain on the outside of my right knee and as the time went on the pain was only getting worse.  I started having a tough time mowing the lawn, playing golf, and any other activity that required walking or bending. 

As the pain became worse I became more concerned and after talking to my family I decided to visit Dr. Hoffman and see if he could correct whatever was wrong and get rid of my pain. .

I am sure I was like a lot of people on their first trip to have chiropractic treatment and was doubtful if he could remove the pain.  I had it in my mind the chiropractic treatment could be painful in itself and I had enough pain already. 

To say the least I was wrong.

After visits to Dr. Hoffman I am now back to mowing the lawn, playing my best golf in the last three years and performing the functions that I have not been able to do without any pain. 

Dr. Hoffman is increasing my flexibility and I have confidence in my body again. On rating my satisfaction with my progress, my hopefulness that I will attain complete restoration, and the value of the health care I have received verses the money I have spent, If the scale were from 1 to 100, I would rate each of them 100."  – Jerry Jones – Jeffersonville, IN     University of Louisville Retired Basketball Coach


Goodbye Migraines!!

"When I came to Dr. Hoffman in February of 2003, I was suffering from severe migraine headaches-ones that would keep me in bed for a day or more with an upset stomach. Plus lots of tension in my neck and shoulders caused by stress.

I had been seeing another Chiropractor but the results were not what I wanted and after 4 months of going to them I needed to find someone who would take care of the problem.

Since being treated by Dr. Hoffman I have not had a migraine since February of 2003. I also have less tension in my neck and shoulder. He gave me several exercises to do at home to help if I started to feel a headache come on or if I felt myself tightening up in my neck and shoulders.

I also started taking Rebecca's Centering Class and I believe that class also help keep me on the right track! I would recommend it to anyone!! Anita T., Borden, IN


Deep Knee Bend For The First Time In 5 Years!
I Was So Happy I Cried!

"I became a patient in the second week of May 2002 after an automobile accident. I always look forward to coming in for an office visit. I am always greeted with a smile. I always leave feeling better than when I arrived.

I was having difficulty with an exercise that Dr. Hoffman wanted me to do.  I could not do knee bends without having pain in my knees from previous surgeries over 5 years ago. He found the point where I had pain and went over them three times on each knee. 

He then gave me exercises to do —30 leg lifts from three angles on each knee. Wednesday night I had swelling above both knees…I was worried. But it didn't hurt to do the exercises.  I did the exercises Wed night, Thursday morning and night and Friday morning.

The swelling was most of the way gone on Friday morning, so I decided to try a knee bend. I went down and down and down— I went all the way for a deep knees bend. NO PAIN!  NO RESTRICTIONS! I was so happy that I cried. 

I had not been able to do that for over 5 years.  When I got to the office Friday afternoon, Dr. Hoffman asked me if I was ready to go back for my appointment, I told him no, that I had to show him something first.  I am just so happy." Becky Seals, Charlestown, IN




"I first met Dr. Hoffman at our Real Estate office, where he gave a short seminar.  I was very impressed with his knowledge, and made an appointment for an evaluation. 

I have suffered many years with arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and other health problems. He put me on a medical food diet, and I have lost 33 pounds, and my cholesterol and sugar have gone down considerably.

Through treatment and adjustments, my arthritis and Fibromyalgia have incredibly improved.  I have also been able to get off of several of my prescriptions.

I have been to a chiropractor before, but Dr. Hoffman is totally different.  He works to the underlying cause of the problem, and doesn't just start "cracking bones." 

He is a very caring person and very easy to talk to, because you know he is listening. When I went to my medical doctor, he was very pleased with the results, and said that whatever Dr. Hoffman was doing, to keep on doing it!

I have recommended Dr. Hoffman to all my friends and family." -Betty Ehlers – New Albany, IN



"I became a client in 2001, after two back surgeries and countless trips to other doctors. There are many benefits in accordance to Dr. Hoffman's help. 

Not only has he minimized my pain to practically nothing, I also feel that I've made a good friend that cares about my health overall, not just my back troubles.

He becomes much more in tune with your total health concerns. I always leave his office with a smile, and countless times when stress has become overbearing, he's been there to provide some much needed relief." -Bill Thorpe, New Albany,IN

"10 Plus Years of Neck and Back Pain Vanished!"

"I suffered from chronic nagging pain between my shoulder blades and neck for over 10 years from sitting at a desk. Massages would help but the achy burning pain would always return.

My daughter referred me to Dr. Hoffman after I was in a car wreck that left me with irritating headaches and low back pain.

My headaches were gone after the 1st treatment.  And after 2 to 3 treatments, my 10 years plus of middle back and neck pain disappeared completely.

I was amazed! Now I feel like I can do anything. I can work in the yard all day now without feeling like I was run over by a truck the next day. I can sleep on my back and best of all I can enjoy holding my granddaughter without pain!!

I thought I was going to have to live with the pain for the rest of my life. Now instead of complaining to people about my pain, I am telling them where to go to get rid of theirs!!"   -Carol Burke, New Albany


"Pain Gone, Stress Reduced, Feel Like Myself Again"

"I met Dr. Hoffman when I came into his office looking for a job to be a Chiropractic Assistant.  He had made an excellent impression on me not only as an employer, but also as an excellent doctor.

I started my treatment when I started working for him.  I work a second job and I was going to school full time, so I was constantly under stress and was not getting the energy that I needed.

I have had lower back pain and knee pain for a few years.  Within the first couple of times he treated my back and my knee, I started to feel like myself again. 

It made my stress lower because I was not in pain any longer and helped me regain energy that I thought I would never have. My diet has changed dramatically from listening to him at his seminars, and the "8 Weeks To A New You" classes. 

I feel like I have learned more about nutrition and my body this year than I have in the past twenty years. I totally believe in the nutrition and rehabilitation program here, not only because I am his patient, but also because I get to see people walk out of his office healthier.

Thanks Dr. Hoffman for making me better and showing me how to live a healthy lifestyle!" -Christina Burgess – Louisville, KY

"Dr. Hoffman Helped Me Prevent Diabetes!"

"I would have never known I was heading toward diabetes without attending Dr. Hoffman's classes.  Now I know how to prevent it by making adjustment in my diet.  I've already been to two of his classes and plan on it again.  I learn something new and useful every time." Carolyn Henderson, Jeffersonville, IN


"More Energy! 26 Pounds Lighter! Now Shopping's a Blast!

"Before attending Dr. Hoffman's hormone talk, my husband and I didn't have a clue about how chemicals in our food and air wreak havoc with our hormone balance. 

His section on how stress can make you fat and keep you fat was also quite amazing! After hearing the talk I became a client. 

I have lost 26 pounds and recently attended a meeting where 3 different people commented on how good I looked.  What a difference in energy level, too. I'm thinking more clearly and my overall mental state has improved dramatically. 

Now I LOVE to go shopping for clothes I used to only dream I could get into.

Dr. Hoffman taught me how to think logically about food choices and his medical food program has been a tremendous help.  It's difficult but nothing worthwhile is ever easy.  I'm on track and I plan to stay there!" Diana LeMay, Charlestown, IN


"He Got Right To The Problem And Showed Me
How To Prevent Future Episodes!"

"I came to Dr. Hoffman due to a pain in my shoulder that ran up the side of my neck. He got right to the problem explaining what the procedure was how it was going to help me without dragging the treatment out over many, many weeks like other Chiropractors.

Dr. Hoffman gave me different exercises to do to prevent future pain and they work great!" -John Wieseka, Floyd Knobs, IN

"I Feel Great!"

"I first visited Dr. Hoffman about six months ago after having sever lower back pain, sometimes I felt like I was paralyzed. He helped me realize how certain focused exercises can relieve pain and stress caused by over or under utilized muscle groups.

Dr. Hoffman not only adjusted me, but also taught me several exercises to strengthen the muscles that are causing the problems.  Now I feel great!

-James Boston, Jeffersonville


"Maximum Relief With No More Chiropractic Phobia!"

"I had been having severe pressure and pain on the right side of my neck for about 2 years and kept putting off going to Dr. Hoffman all because my severe phobia about chiropractors.

I have been terrified most of my life at the thought of those popping noises you hear when an adjustment is made; not to mention what it would feel like.

Well my pain outweighed my phobia, so I made a decision to face my fears. Now, after all the treatment he has given, not only has my perspective on chiropractors turned absolutely positive,

I have maximum relief in my neck and he found the exact source that was causing the problem being related to TMJ. And I must say that all of the fears I had were unwarranted and almost kept me from getting the relief I desperately needed." -Angie Adkins, Jeffersonville


Low Back Pain, Neck Pain & Headaches Gone Too!"

"After years of abuse to my body from construction and bad posture, I ended up dependant on weekly Chiropractic adjustments for relief.

When I moved to the area I came to Dr. Hoffman to see if he would continue relieving my low back pain, headaches and neck aches. He said he wanted to teach me how I could fix myself so I wouldn't be dependant on him for pain relief.

Honestly all I heard was a sales pitch that went in one ear and out the other. I was sure I would need adjustments every week for the rest of my life to me working.

But after a few visits of some very unique muscle techniques and constant education on work posture and simple exercises, my back and neck pain disappeared. Plus the Headaches were gone!

I didn't take me long to leave my dependency on weekly visits. I guess Steve is sincere when he says he wants to see people get better.

Through simple exercises I can do throughout the day, without the need of a gym or special equipment. I can enjoy more pain free time! Life is good when you don't hurt all the time!" -Dean Weick, Jeffersonville, West Virginia

"Severe Knee and Leg Pain Gone…
And I Can Raise My Arm Above My Head Again!"

"I first came to Dr. Hoffman with severe knee and leg pain, not able to walk or sleep from pain.  I wasn't able to raise my right arm above my shoulders because of the pain.

With treatment and rehabilitation my arm and leg are pain free. Dr. Hoffman is teaching me to build my muscles to support my knee joints.  My shoulder is pain free and I am able to raise it above my head.  I've learned to stand and walk while using my muscles more efficiently.

I've been overweight my entire life and have had high cholesterol levels for three or four years.  I have been on medication twice and had a reaction to both medications. 

Now Dr. Hoffman and I are working on changing my nutrition and eating habits.  I am now on a program with Dr. Hoffman to improve my cholesterol and lose weight.  I want to thank Dr. Hoffman for helping me to become a healthier person."

Diana LeMay, Charlestown, IN


"He Knew What Was Wrong Almost Immediately"

"I was referred to Dr. Hoffman for a sore shoulder. The problem was properly diagnosed.  He knew what was wrong almost immediately. The problem resolved and my future problems have been eliminated." -Doug Curry – Floyds Knobs, IN


"I Can Walk Now Without Assistance!"

"In August 2001, I saw Dr. Hoffman in his office because I was having trouble walking. I stumbled no matter where I went. I couldn't go up and down stairs very easily.  I had to take one step at a time and hold onto the railing as I went along.  My feet were hurting and my left leg bothered me some. Dr, Hoffman gave me an exercise to do to help me out. I kept my back straight and toes forward while moving my feet on the floor.  My feet aren't bothering me any more. I have better balance and I can walk up and down stairs one foot after the other.  I can walk on and off curbs without assistance.  My nervous system is in balance again. Dr. Hoffman really helped me. He was very friendly and courteous!" -Frances R. Friend, Charlestown


"RN Gets Headache Relief"
"Oh my gosh, I can't say enough about how much better I feel."

"I first saw Dr. Hoffman in Sept 2001, following a car accident, where we were rear ended. In the days following the accident I had severe headaches almost continuously along with constant tension in my neck and shoulders.

I am about 98% free of headaches!  Oh my gosh, I can't say enough about how much better I feel. 

I never thought I could actually live life without headaches.  I am also working on improving my posture with at home exercise. Dr. Hoffman actually gave ME work to do. 

I have seen other chiropractors in the past and I was actually told there were no exercises I could do on my own that could help me.  I am an RN and I knew better than that.

I like the fact that  Dr. Hoffman incorporates the rehabilitation exercises into the treatment.  Working with him proved to me that he is indeed interested in helping me improve and not need continuous care on a long-term basis.

Unfortunately I think sometimes chiropractors get a bad reputation for trying to make money over actually rehabilitating the patient but Dr. Hoffman proved otherwise." Jamie Mitchell


Walked In With Pain, Walked Out With Function –
An Excellent Experience

"Over a year ago I heard you could help my lower back pain, still reluctant I decided to meet with you.

From the comfortable atmosphere of the office to the Doc's concern and knowledge, it was an excellent experience.  I walked in with pain and walked out feeling like I could function again.

I have had just a few experiences with chiropractors.  That's all it took for me.  I did not believe in chiropractic work, but I do believe in Dr. Hoffman's practice.  His immense knowledge and his natural approach to healing have won my business. -Jeff Pitcher – Charlestown, IN

"Asthma Nearly Gone, Running Times Improved!"

"I came to Dr. Hoffman for nutritional advice because I was having a hard time with exercise induced asthma and leg cramps when I run.

Being on the Cross Country team at school, it was hard to run at the level I knew I could run because I had such a hard time breathing.

I was also having really crazy mood swings and at times felt really down in the dumps. Dr. Hoffman ran a blood test me a found that I was really low in iron and put me some natural supplements to take care of it along with some to help with the exercise induced asthma.

This season I have improved my time, had less leg cramps and my asthma is nearly gone. My mood is a lot more positive because I feel like I am running at the performance level I should be running at.

I am really excited about this season and look forward to going to state again this year!" Kelly T., Borden, IN


Irritable Bowel GONE!
No More Panic Of Not Knowing Where The Nearest Bathroom Is!

I had been labeled with irritable bowel syndrome.   A very generic all encompassing diagnosis that got me no answers or cures.  Only pills for symptoms and those only worked occasionally.  

He did comprehensive analysis of my stool, etc. treated me naturally and made diet modification suggestions.

The care I received and the regimen (he gave me) that I now follow have literally changed my life for the better.

I no longer panic of not knowing where the nearest bathroom is!! I now have much better control over my bowels, solid stool, less gas, NO ACCIDENTS!

Having gained better control over my BM's has brought me more control and much less anxiety, stress, etc.

Other chiropractors line you up on tables all in one room and do assembly line adjustments.  Sometimes that's okay but many times I would have questions or concerns and felt like I was bothering the chiropractor to take more time with just me. 

Dr. Hoffman has much more individualized care. I also know I can count on him for a lot more than adjustments! Amanda Stevens, Zionsville, IN


Not Even In My 20's!!!"

"I have suffered with allergies all my life. I accepted the nasal and sinus congestion, sore throats, watery eyes and even the severe migraines as normal for me. To make things worse, my cholesterol had recently gone up and my joints were aching a lot more than they used to.

Dr. Hoffman had gotten rid of some back pain for me in the past and after 2 years I came to my breaking point and asked him for some help with my nutrition.

It has been about 9 weeks now and I honestly did not think it was possible to feel this good! I can't remember EVER feeling this good, not even in my 20's.

I've lost 15 lbs. and haven't had any problems with allergies, no more debilitating migraines, no joint pain, AND my cholesterol has dropped 68 points. My triglycerides dropped 99 points! My bad cholesterol is down and my good cholesterol is up!

My only regret is that I suffered for so long when help was just around the corner! My goal is to keep working on being as healthy as I can, so that I can work productively and enjoy my family life to the fullest for a very long time!" Mary Graf, Memphis, IN


  1. Do you have suggestions for anyone who has lost the normal lordosis in the neck? Any exercises to restore it? I keep hearing this is becoming more and more common. Oh, it is so painful! My thoracic spine isn’t extremely hunched over, I only have a mild dowagers hump — but I can pass all your tests just fine.

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