Key exercises for more resilience and confidence (plus mushrooms at the farrm)

Tips for deep squats and building strength to get up and down. (video episode below)

I saw them emerge when I got down to their level.

One appeared…then another…then another.

The coveted morel mushroom.

But I had be able to get up and down easily in order to see them under the may apples.

Then it occurred to me that I should share some strategies with you for getting deeper into your squat and stronger in your ability to get up from the ground from a “kneeling on one leg” / lunge position.

These tips not only will help you feel more powerful and resilient, they also will flood your brain with good “input” that makes you a “livelier taster of the universe”.

And of course…since I was at the FaRRRm, I included my morel find and some other short clips in case you’re suffering from nature deficit disorder 🙂

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions or comments by leaving a reply below.

See you there!


P.S. As I mention in this episode, I still have all access pass membership available inside Core Wellness Institute on a “Pay What You Can” basis to do my part during the Covid pandemic.

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