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fix-your-fhp1-screenshot“Fix Your Forward Head”

In this 84-minute deep dive training, you’ll discover…

  • Why you MUST be able to activate your core like a 4.5 month old baby…or you’ll be chin poking for the rest of your life.
  • The magic “transition point” in your mid back that allows your head to naturally sit in the correct position without stressing and straining to keep it there!
  • How to use your “deep core stabilizing system” to make your head feel like it’s floating exactly where it belongs.
  • How to release the blocked and stuck joints and muscles keep you from chin poking and overloading your neck, shoulders, and even your low back.
  • Why just working on “neck retraction” exercises or just “deep neck flexor” exercises will never create a permanent fix.
  • What your jaw has to do with it and some simple strategies to bring balance back to your TMJ

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fix-your-fhp2-screenshotFix Your Forward Head – Part Two

In this 66-minute video training, you’ll learn…

  • A new “Litmus Test” for Weak Neck Stabilizers…Not monitoring your “neck stress indicator muscles” is a classic mistake.
  • Introducing the “Mirror Ball” Test that triggers these “indicator muscles” like a flag going up! (Discovered by scientists in Queensland, Australia)
  • The Most Common Mistake That Leads To A “Head Forward Relapse”. Without a doubt, trying to pull your head back without setting up the foundational “anchors” below your neck will always lead to frustrating relapse (we’ll review the basics of how to fix this…it was covered in Part 1.
  • Interesting And Effective Training Strategy From Yoga…how to use the Yoga “Boat Pose” as both a test and a training strategy to make a natural head posture happen organically without strain.
  • Upper Back Foam Rolling Mistakes I See Over and Over. Everyone should have a foam roll. I’ll show you how to make sure you don’t hurt yourself with the extremely effective “foam angels”

Get Immediate Access For Only $27