Break This Loop For Permanent Healthy Change (Core Wellness Curriculum Part 1)

Yesterday I had the honor of teaching a group of 30 teenagers at Community Montessori about the intense impact that their thoughts have on their health and their life.

It was the first of 3 "Core Wellness Curriculum" lectures for the teens program and it was so cool to see their eyes and minds light up.

My favorite quote from one of the learners,  “You just blew my mind!"

I clipped a 7 minute piece for you that explains:

      – Exactly why you keep getting the same results in your life over and over

      – The #1 tool you must use in order to break the loop forever and

         create different results for  your health and your life.

      – How to squarely place yourself 100% in charge of what happens to you

      – Why in order to make your life really mean something,  you have to follow

        "The Opposite Rule"

Plus you get to see my dance move and why it's important that I don't care what you think about it!

No matter if you're trying to get out of pain, fix your posture, lose weight, or whatever…THOUGHTS are always first and will make or break your success.

I wish someone would have taught this to me when I was a teenager.

Watch the video. And share it if you feel like it could help someone else!  Spread the love and have fun!

Keep thinking good thoughts, eating good food, and KEEP MOVING!

Dr. Steve

P.S.  It really felt good to teach these kids.  It inspired me to create a new free training series for you as well. So stay tuned for that.

THE RED ONE OR THE BLUE ONE? (You'll know what I mean after watching)



    • @RH…Exactly! Bruce has had and continues to have a big impact on the shifting consciousness towards the environment being the #1 priority. Immerse yourself in a healing and nurturing environment and you will experience core wellness.

    • @Jimmy…Even if it’s a joke, there it is…beliefs guiding perceptions and creating a limited reality. You can dance if you want to…no matter what. Thanks for the comment, Jimmy.

  1. Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich chapter on Autosuggestion says exactly that. We can override & program  the subconscious mind through deliberate repetition. 

  2. Love, as always, your enthusiasm and continued encourgement to break the cycle of our habits formed over the years.  Life is truly more exciting following the "road less traveled". It is all about having the courage to do it. I will be taking a "red" pill or two.

  3. Dr., Your Piriformis stretch video was worth the price of a visit. You are the best, and I love your site. Thank you for all your info. My only complaint in the video with high school students was the woman who talked over you.  My belief system tells me that her behavior was not polite.  Is my belief system wrong?The nuns I was taught by would have whacked my knuckles for speaking out.  Tell her to make her own video!! Oops, was she your wife? Just a little joke, no offense. Mary

    • Mary, thanks for your comment. I’m glad you got good value out of the piriformis stretch.

      Regarding speaking out at the seminar, I always welcome open discussion when I speak, especially when it comes from my wife.

      She just has so much to share from her own perspective that she can’t help but speak up. She was also behind the camera so the mic picked her up more than anyone else.

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

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