How To Lift and Carry A Child (or anything else)…SAFELY!

A few episodes back I got some good suggestions for future videos and today I respond to Maggie May who wanted to know the best way to lift and carry a child.

Young mothers (and fathers, and grandparents) should ALL watch this video so if you know anyone who’s regularly lifting a child (or anything else for that matter) everyday…share this with them!!

Remember…”little hinges swing big doors”!  And today’s “little hinge” is a very important one for saving millions of backs and necks across the world!!

Be sure to leave a comment to let me know what you think of the video and also let me know what activity of daily living YOU would like to see covered on an upcoming episode!

Until next time…Happy “pulsing”!!


  1. Thanks, Dr. Steve! Always great to have a reminder on how to lift, especially since I’m doing it so often!

    Now, any tips on establishing self-control when it comes to food…sweets? It’s almost impossible for
    me to turn down something sweet when it’s in my house or anywhere within general proximity!

    This might not be something you’re particularly interested in addressing, but I’m sure struggling and struggle on a daily basis and had to put it out there!

    Thanks again!

    • It’s a multidimensional answer, Maggie. Usually stress from all angles is #1 culprit since the stress system burns up your sugar instead of fat for fuel leaving you always wanting more. Identifying and eliminating key stressors is #1. Exercise…especially a mind/body type like yoga is key. Adrenal glands are likely overtaxed with young kiddos around. Supporting with b-vitamins, vitamin c, and magnesium is crucial. Think GREEN SMOOTHIES and sprouted lentils, mung beans, and other nuts and seeds often throughout the day (LOTS of all the above nutrients in those foods)

      Do a few days or more with ONLY green smoothies and at least the biochemical habit will get a swift kick out the door while you regain your mental/emotional composure and spiritual connection (I believe loss of spiritual connection lies at the root of all addiction…read “Addiction and Grace” by Gerald May).

      Sorry…no easy answers here. I struggle with this one, too. When I’m in tune spiritually, the attachments to “external happiness fixes” fade away.

      This certainly begs more discussion, maybe on an upcoming video or podcast.

      Thanks for you interaction.

      Dr. Steve

  2. Thanks a lot doctor for this blog and all your YouTube videos. They are inspirational!

    Since you mentioned here that you will be talking soon about how to sit and use your computer correctly, I would love to hear some tips on how to sit, hold a controller, and look at the TV correctly while playing video games.

    Again, thank you so much for everything you are providing us with. I can’t believe we’re getting all this info for free. 😛

  3. Another great video. Thanks Dr. Steve.

    Since you will be covering sitting at a computer, would you be able to discuss reaching while sitting at the desk, as well as talking on the phone while seated at the desk.

    Another area that I’m interested in is sitting while on public transportation (bus, train, plane, etc) as the seats are not always comfortable, and other passengers may “squish” us during crowded and peak periods of use.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Those are all great ideas, Beth! There are definitely some good “tricks” for being caught in confined spaces that I can share. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Dr. H thanks for this video. I found out my question about the Fit Skecher exercise shoes. They measured the amount of muscle use and found that they were not any better than any other exercise shoes. Just goes to show how we are caught up in the marketing PR of businesses.

    • Anyone can prove anything with a carefully designed and reported study. You just have to go with results and your GUT! Thanks for the comment, Becky!

  5. Another posture I always wonder how to perform it correctly is when trying to wear socks, the back always gets bent in an awkward shape. Would love to hear from Dr. Steve on this. Loads of thanks!

  6. Brilliant like all your videos and tips and advice. Can you show how to do hoovering, lawn mower and driving and computer as all these things are done often. Many thanks Jane

    • Jane, your comment uses VERY powerful words…”all these things are done often”. If that’s the case, it seems best to do them efficiently and effectively so you’re not overloading your joints and wasting your precious energy!

      ALL those will be covered…absolutely. Thanks again for your comment!

  7. Dr. Steve, your videos are the most helpful and inspiring in the world. Please do the driving tips video soon, if you can. Thank you for your wonderful help.

  8. How do you reach for stuff that’s on the bottom shelf and a shelf that’s 12″ off the ground.
    As well, how do you properly go from sitting on the ground to standing.

    • @gimi…great questions. Both require excellent core stability and hip mobility. I’ll use them for content in an upcoming episode! -drsteve

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