Natural Treatment For Heart Disease and Stroke – Hidden Risk Factors Beyond Cholesterol


Since the Core Wellness Institute philosophy is based on the "3 Pillars" of Mindset, Movement, and Nutrition and goes much wider than just exercises and posture therapy, I wanted to address a MAJOR stress in a lot of people's lives…HEART ATTACKS AND STROKES.

I shared some critical information this past week at our monthly Louisville Area Raw Food Meetup on natural treatments to prevent and even reverse cardiovascular disease and captured a really good recording of it for you.

In this 38 minute talk that you can download and take on the road with you, you'll learn:

  • Why cholesterol is NOT the "ugly animal" like we've been programmed to believe by mass media and drug companies.
  • Why there's really no such thing as "good cholesterol" and "bad cholesterol"!
  • The REAL root of heart disease and strategies to prevent and even reverse hardening of the arteries.
  • Plus several well researched but surprising tests (that your doctor will likely never order for you) that can reveal hidden risk factors that raise your risk of heart attack and stroke dramatically
  • The "wildfire vs. controlled burn" analogy that you MUST understand to avoid a tragic early death or debilitating cardiovascular event.

There is SO much more to this story and I'm considering going more in-depth with a seminar or course on the subject.  The misinformation and mass brainwashing from the corporate medicine machine is costing millions of lives and billions of dollars spent on unnecessary drugs and procedures! 

So I have 2 questions for you:

1.  What are your biggest questions and concerns about avoiding and reversing cardiovascular disease?
2.  What would YOU like to see covered in a natural cardiovascular treatment educational program? 


  1. I'm writing to point out a grammar error. You don't really mean that getting these tests will increase your chances of getting a heart attack or stroke.  Please rephrase.

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