Common Pain Drugs More Dangerous Than Previously Thought

Ibuprofen and Other Anti-Inflammatory Pain Medications Raise Cardiovascular Risk More Than Previously Thought

As the recent alarming study published in the renowned British Medical Journal reveals, to use over the counter and prescription non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids) should only be used for short periods of time because the surprising risk of doubling and nearly quadrupling risk of heart disease and stroke!

During an interview with Medscape Medical News, senior investigator Peter Jüni, MD, from the University of Bern in Switzerland, said his team expected to see an increased risk but was surprised by the magnitude of the signal. "We never thought we'd see 2- and 4-fold increased risks," he said. "The doses were admittedly high," he pointed out, "however, this is clearly clinically relevant."

Conclusions from the BMJ study: Although uncertainty remains, little evidence exists to suggest that any of the investigated drugs are safe in cardiovascular terms. Naproxen seemed least harmful. Cardiovascular risk needs to be taken into account when prescribing any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

This is one repeating story that shows us…yet again…that covering up pain and inflammation with drugs is a losing battle.

The pain is there to tell you to CHANGE something in your life.  Most of the time, it's simply joint and muscle overload caused by inefficient and damaging movement patterns and Crossed Posture Syndrome. 

But it can also be your nutrition, your emotions, your job, your relationship, your finances, your toxic home environment, dehydration……you name it.  If it's stressful to you, it can cause pain and disease!


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