How a Rainy Day, Insulin, and Stressful Thoughts Cause Crossed Posture Syndrome

During my walk in the rain this morning I felt strangely empowered by a gloomy rainy Monday morning.  So I grabbed my bloggie and shared some of the feelings I was having from the gazebo.
This is the video that came through me for today's episode and here's what you'll learn…
   *Insulin's dirty little stress inducing secret
   *How to quiet the constant "buzz" in your bodymind that keeps the stress program running
   *How to "recycle" the powerful force of gravity and use it for power and spring
   *Why you should be grateful for your "falls", or "valleys", in your life.
Several "gems" to pick out of this one.   Enjoy.
Dr. Steve
P.S.  Yes, the will be re-opening soon with an entire course built around reversing the damaging stress of Crossed Posture Syndrome.  You can go there and get on the list for more details.

[youtube eriivPXwt88]

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