Step Up Exercise Pitfalls (With Corrections)

Step Up Exercise Pitfalls and CorrectionsDoing “Step Ups” is awesome for building strength and functional stability in your hips and core…

BUT I rarely see people do it correctly.  And if you have any type of back, hip, or knee pain, there’s likely no WAY you’re doing it correctly.

Today’s episode gives you some “peel back” exercises to get you prepared for a big time step up.

Remember…always get to your core FIRST before you start in on exercises that are pitched to you for fat burning and cellulite elimination!

The Core Wellness Institute will be opening enrollment again soon to teach the basics.  If you would like more information like you learn in the video below, be sure to get on the waiting list by entering your email in the form below the video or learn more about the Core Wellness Institute by CLICKING HERE.

Dr. Steve

P.S.  Can YOU do the core “Bracing” like in the video below?  Can you balance on one leg for 20 seconds?  What keeps you from balancing?  Pain? Old injuries?  Tell me your story in the comments below!


  1. Thank you Dr. Steve for this helpful video. I have recently been running stairs with a group and now I know why my back is tired after these workouts. I will forward this video to my stairmates and I will start working on my one leg dips!

  2. @nancy…thank you for your feedback.  Do the reaches in the video, keep the controlled pressure in your core, and start with small step ups

  3. Great advice as usual – thank you so much for your very helful advice! I just need to practice what you teach…..

  4. Wow, thanks for explaining how to do this right.  No wonder my knees have been bothering me just on ordinary stairs.  I tried your dips with the core pressure – makes me think I could handle your coaching course.

  5. Serves as a great lesson / reminder. I still find myself not engaging my core from time to time. Of course, my view is that at least I'm pay attention, so then I can have the right intention 🙂

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