The Best Hip Exercise EVER Plus Virginia Inspired Organic Posture

Enjoy the beauty of the mountains of Virginia while you learn how to save your hips with a simple hip (and total body organic posture exercise) that you can start working on immediately no matter what level of agility, balance, and coordination you dealing with right now!


the best hip exercise and Virginia inspired organic posture


  1. Love your bursts of Nature Dr. Steve! Simple exercises carry so much benefit and yet I forget to do them. So glad to be in your circle. Is there ever a spinal issue or core issue where you would employ an inversion table? Also saw an interview with non-religious Dr. Larry Dossey proving the scientific benefits of the healing power of prayer by praying on seeds! Prayer without religion, very cool.

    • Yes, Tim…the true work is the moment to moment awareness of the intention of peace, growth, and renewal which brings on automatic organic perfect posture. And inversion is great if your circulatory system can handle being upside down. It’s best to start with simply lying on a decline and working your way up.

      Regarding seeds and prayer…yes…I believe that Intention matters a lot regardless of what religion is attached to it. And yes…”attached” is a loaded word!

      Good to hear from you, my friend!


  2. I will be paying attention to the way I walk the stairs to my second floor office tomorrow. I have a feeling I have been “pulling” myself up them instead of pushing off each step and propelling myself up and forward.

    • Here’s to you, Diana! It makes ALL the difference! It comes down to the “magic moment” when you shift from one support point to the other. Your deep core system has to be switched on to transfer that force that comes from deep within your hips.

      Keep pushing away! Great comment!


  3. Thanks for the tips. 🙂
    I will definitely pay more attention to how i position my core, and the angle of my hips from now on. 😀

    I am already doing a lot of one leg balancing, one legged bulgarian split squats, squats, all of these on a balance disc, and my balance and leg strength have improved tremendously.

    Training toward the free handstand lately, as well, doing it against a door for now, along with other hand balancing things like frog stand and elbow stand.
    Eventually will get to free handstand pushups, and will build from there to more advanced moves. 🙂

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