The Strangest Secret For Success In Any Endeavor

While the boys were at swim practice last night, I walked the path around the aquatic center with my ipod and was again reminded of "The Strangest Secret".
This was "The Secret" before the blockbuster video came out.
You can use it to make your life a success or you can use it to make your life a mess.
It's ALWAYS in action.  You're doing it all the time. You might as well use it to your advantage.
Get the quick summary below and let me know you're alive with an answer to my question, OK?

I appreciate you all.  Enjoy.    -Dr. Steve



  1. I'm alive Dr Steve, thanks for asking! Great message, Lovely background. 
    I want my body and mind to be free of fear so that I speak my truth and share love and life with others (and all of creation) in a much deeper, more powerful, happier way. .

  2. Goals are to To be financially independent,  to own a nice home free & clear. Own nice cars, a boat and  an RV The  time  & ability to travel around  the world  
    Being married to a wonderful woman. All my family in perfect health and physically, mentally and spiritually fit   
    To be  happy Joyous and free 

  3. Dr Steve, thanks for all the great exercises, I really need them and am working on them.  My current goal is to strenghen "my core" to preserve my health.  I have a husband who has not faired well after back surgery and each day I work to keep my naturally positive attitude and not let his pains rule my day. 

  4. What I could concentrate on for 30 days would be thinking about the good that my exercises are doing me. Also not to think about any setback that comes up e.g. yesterday the shopping trolley was pulling to the right and I persisted in wheeling it around the store. I could have walked each isle and picked up what i wanted and returned to the trolley. Just thought of that now! Today I'm stiff and sore, more than usual. I've arthritis in my left hip and I'll be getting a hip replacement sometime. Otherwise I have the pain of weakness e.g. yesterday I couldn't hold up to pushing the trolley.

  5. Thank you Dr. Steve for helping me along this pathway to become a good runner once again. I have followed all your advice over the last 6 months and I know that it won't be long before I'm running like the wind again. This latest gem will ensure that! Cheers, Sue.

  6. Fate works in beautiful ways Steve … meeting you 7 years ago changed my life profoundly.  You introduced not only physical, but emotional and spiritual awareness to me ~ for that I will be forever grateful!  You have touched countless lives in such a giving and powerful manner … My wish for you this Father's Day is for continued happiness and joy in your journey.  Peace to you always my brother!

  7. thanks for the reminder…….I had forgotten my own power and was sinking into a dark space….. will practise monitoring thoughts and let you know as changes happen

    • Awareness is the first step! A favorite quote from Joan Baez “ACTION is the antidote to despair.” The changes are already in motion for you. Just allow the truth of who you are to come through you.

  8. I love all of your positive notes.  Realizing how our thoughts determine who we are, we also attract to us, by our actions, positive or negative things.  Always be aware of what you are attracting into your life.  Be loving and kind and these things will also come to you.

  9. Thanks for another simple but very powerful message. I'll be focusing on love, power, peace and an energised healthy body! I really value your messages, bless you & thanks again!

  10. this couldnt have come at a better time! just when i was sinking into frustration and disappointment and feeling very ready to give up, you have reminded me to stay out of my own way. this post will help me to allow the brightness of my light to shine again, burning away the clouds of self-doubt and replacing them with beams of hopeful anticipation and realization of my dreams.
    thank you dr steve

  11. Thanks Dr. Steve… I really needed to hear that! This week, as I struggle to discontinue the use of the SSRIs I've been taking for several years, it is abundantly clear to me how very precious the basic things in life really are… like a sound/positive mind and a healthy body! So for me, that will be my focus.

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