2 Important Hip Exercises That Save Your Spine

Dr. Steve Demonstrates Good Functional Hip MovementThe most important back pain exercises, in my opinion, are actually moves that improve HIP flexibility and mobility

(Video Below)

I am grateful that I learned this early on in my career as a doctor of chiropractic because way too often people with back pain merely get their back adjusted (which can give blessed relief) BUT IT DOESN’T “STICK”!

When the spine is repeatedly adjusted or manipulated over and over again without paying attention to the ROOT CAUSE, it’s very possible to get “addicted” to another adjustment when the pain or other symptoms return!

My view?  Let’s GET TO THE CORE of the problem!  And it’s usually that the HIPS are not doing their job (commonly because they’re too tight).  So the back has to make up for the lost movement in the hips and that ends up overloading the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia!

What you’ll see in the video is the 2 EXTREMELY IMPORTANT HIP MOVEMENTS that I teach all my private clients and my online students at the Core Wellness Institute that will save your spine and help your brain “re-groove” a good FUNCTIONAL hip “movement program”.

Can YOU do the second move without making the
“Butt Mistake” I talk about around 4:30?
Let me know in the comments!


  1. I would like to have seen a full length shot of you so that I could see the position of your knees, lower leg and feet – whether they swivel as well?

  2. I am always eager to view your posts. 
    The hip and lower back exercises are great, I feel better, i must  remember to do this more frequently.
    Thank you for the reminder!

    • No, John…very small. It’s more of an “awareness” exercise so your “re-wire” your brain’s connection with functional, safe, and efficient hip motion.

  3. Thanks for demonstrating these2 exercises.I have hip problems,and I really had to literally think about  the movement as I was doing them. I guess the saying "Use it or lose it" really is true. I wasn't aware how I was compensating for low back pain and  the tight hips!
    thanks again

  4. I love your exercises for the lower back as I have constant knots in my mid back from what I believe to be disk issues.  Now I understand what you are saying about hip hinging but when I am doing things like dishes or wash I have to reach down into the sink or washing maching.  The hip pivot does not allow me to reach down into the sink or the washiing machine without the bending of my back..  I get serious knots in my mid back and also now have problems with my left leg to the point of getting dressed in the morning I cannot lift my left leg up and when I am getting in the car I actually have to use my arm to pull it in the car. I am 48 and over weight but would really like to turn things around as constant back pain is really taking its toll on me.  Please let me know if you have any advice as I believe I may to check into surgery at this point but am not sure.

    • Get a solid orthopedic, neurologic, and functional movement assessment from a DC or PT who understands functional movement, Scott. I also do some private coaching on Skype. Email me so I can help you find a solution to avoid surgery at [email protected]

  5. This is the best description of the hip hinge that I have ever seen. Finally, I recognise what I'm doing wrong. After all these years I'm now armed with the correct movement and how not to involve twisting  the spine.
    You are a great teacher Dr. Hoffman. Thank  you.

    • Great Sue! And thank you for the compliment. Doctor comes from the Latin word “docere”…which means “to teach”. Somewhere that got lost along the way.

  6. Hi Dr Steve!
    I like to sleep on the floor.. But come morning, my back or lower back 'hurts'. It will take awhile for me to straightened up. A few seconds to be exact. Do I have back problem or is this a sign of something bad in the future. I'm 48 and very athletic..
    Thanks Dr.

  7. Thank you for all of the  helpful advice.  I will incorporate the rotation movement and hip hinging into my daily routine.  You are helping a lot of people with your internet site, I believe.

  8. dear Dr Steve, many thanks for the 2 simple hip hinging exercises. my left hip is really stiff and have difficulty lifting my left leg. for the past 4 weeks, i have been doing your standing up exercise and lifting alternate legs plus the push away lunge from your CPS – both have been really helpful and i am walking upright for the first time in years, and also, minimal backache and stiffness.
    Thanks a million for your help.
    take care
    Monica Igoe 

    • That a girl, Monica! Welcome back to the upright position! Life is much more fun there…but it’s very fragile. You must stay vigilant to reduce stress and keep the intention of pushing away, growing, and expanding!

  9. Hi Dr. Steve…got computer fixed and catching up on OLD emails.  Just saw this one and I had no problem doing that.  Even with my disk problem.  I will have to catch you up on what has been happening with me and my body.  I am healing.   I hope to catch up and understand how to use what I have through your services.  

  10. I have trouble getting out of bed,lifting my legs to get dressed and bending at the hips in the water closet. I have spent hours and dollars at PT,Chiro, Ortho, Massages, Any ideas ? and helpful suggestions would be appreciated.


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