The 3 Part Secret Formula to An Attractive Natural Posture That Turns Heads

Even with heels and a Starbucks, this kind of posture demands attention and respect!What's the secret formula to an attractive, confident posture that can turn heads?

First…let me tell you what it's not.

It's not just about doing a set of exercises.

It's a great start, but to really GLOW and exude the Posture of Spirit that people can literally feel, you have to also be feeling light and powerful from a mental/emotional and nutritional perspective as well.

Here is the Core Wellness 3 part formula our students learn in our Less Pain, More Energy Group Coaching Intensive (local/regional) as well as our Online Training Course to help wake up the inborn, perfect, organic posture that makes people sit up and take notice.

1.  Catch yourself when you're shooting yourself in the foot:

Pay attention to your self talk and start "catching yourself" when you use the words "always", "never", and "can't".  These are powerful words that can train your brain into limiting beliefs.  "That will never work."  "I always cave when I see the bread."  "I can't exercise because it hurts."

Imagine your posture while saying these words to yourself…or even worse…using these words to complain to a friend.

It's ugly…trust me.  And when you put these negative vibes out, guess what you get back?  Yep…more ugly stuff that makes you say…."Geez, why can't I catch a break?"

Here's the truth…developing AWARENESS (magic word alert) that you are doing this negative talk gives you the opportunity to "break the loop" and "step back" and be the observer who can then immediately state a different belief / declaration / affirmation.

Once you're AWARE…it's your obligation to turn it around! 

So as "antidote statements" to the toxic phrases above, how about "How can I make it work?" and "I'm so grateful that my happiness comes from the inside out so I can resist temptation easily." and   "I am so grateful I'm in the process of correcting my posture and movement patterns with the right knowledge and daily practice"

Your limiting beliefs created by your self talk, thoughts, feelings, and emotions create the ceiling on your healing possibilities!  So take a long hard look at how your beliefs got programmed into your brain and just know that's all it is…a program.  It can be "written over" with a new software program.

2.  Stop smacking yourself with a hammer

If someone was hitting your spine with a hammer 100 times a day, and your back was hurting because of it, what would you do?


This is exactly what happens to your joints, tendons, ligaments, fascia, etc. when you move through life with poor posture and movement patterns that are HAMMERING your tissue!

So what's the solution?  Detect and Eliminate the source of the hammering!  Self tests along with specific corrective exercises and tweaks to your daily living activities is the solution.  You must "rewire" the efficient, strain free pattern into your brain or "the hammer" returns! 

Yet you might choose to just take something to numb your finger and keep on hammering.  I know it doesn't seem logical, but I know a heck of a lot of people who just cover up the pain with drugs and hammer away!

The underlying stress is still there which draws your posture inward and downward into a slump of unhealthy aging.

There IS a better solution…don't you think?

3.  Cool the damaging fire of inflammation and reverse your cellular age with these foods:

You can only get so far with physical corrective exercise and mental habit breaking.  Your healing will have a ceiling  Your food is your medicine.

The main take home here is that grain and things that eat grain raise your levels of inflammatory fatty acids in your system.  And when you add some extra sugar and raise your "glycemic index", you raise your insulin levels and you've got yourself into a highly inflammatory state.

And what's the root of all disease???  INFLAMMATION!

Inflammation is the "fire", and you have to have TONS of colorful (think GREEN) foods rich in anti-oxidants to get rid of the smoke (free radicals) and help keep the fire burning in a "controlled" fashion.

So BALANCE is crucial.  So think "GREENS over grain" and you'll be on your way to reducing nutritional stress and feeling more energy and confidence to stand tall and be felt by the world!

So pay attention to ALL THREE of these key elements and you'll exponentially improve your energy, eliminate your pain, and really start enjoying life to the MAX!

Of course we go into greater depth with lots of practical strategies in our Group Coaching Intensive (next Sat. June 9th from 9 to noon) for regional folks and our online training course (which will be open again soon).

I hope you learned something in this post that you can use immediately to improve your life! 

You CAN do it…turn some heads today!

Dr. Steve

If you have anything you would like to add to this that YOU find helpful to YOU on your healthy living journey please leave a comment below and share!  If you have any other comments or feedback please share that, too!

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