5 Moves in 5 Minutes To Keep You Young and Vital


    As you join me today for my morning movement ritual with the geese at Perrin Park, you'll discover the 5 moves I do when I didn't make time fdon't have time for anything else (although I didn't show sun salutations on this video, which I normally do as a warm up).

I'm always amazed how just a few minutes of good functional movement can
reignite and reconnect the neural circuits in your brain

It's amazing.  If you just do these 5 moves every day without fail you'll be amazed at how your brain and body will feel as well.

One caveat:  What I did NOT do in this video is speak of the subtle things I'm doing with the INTENTION in my mind that you're NOT seeing! 

You must ALWAYS have the INTENTION of  "pushing away from your support points" and
breathing into your core, which are fundamental prerequisites to ANY move!

You can learn more about these fundamentals in the FREE  "Reverse CPS Now!" video series  you can get by clicking on my picture on the right of the page.   


Do these moves and let me know how they make you feel in the comments!! 


  1. I have already been doing most of these exercises as part of the circuit but not necessairily as a “routine set” everyday. I like them all except the hands over the head squats. My arms do not want to stay vertical as I move down. The squat itself really helps loosen me up. All of these help me feel “looser” in my muscles and joints. The leg stretch & reverse triangle pose gives me the most movement in my lower back. Thanks for all you do.

    • @Larry…Yes, the hands over head squat is difficult for most because of upper crossed syndrome but should be a definite goal for everyone BUT only if you can keep your ribs down in front. Glad your getting good results, Larry. The “modified revolved triangle” is one of my favorites, too!

  2. I so enjoy your exercises and stretching. I even got a foam roll to do those exercises, too. You have been an immense help. Thanks for all you do!

  3. Thanks once again, Dr Steve!
    Watching you demonstrate the moves using the correct posture is very helpful. I practice yoga and those stretches took me further and felt great.
    The little ducks were a delightful bonus.

  4. Thankas Dr. Steve for the great exercises. I had a spinal fusion 2 years ago for Deg. Disc disease and I really need the stretching exercises. I found froma Physical Therapist that a great deal of my posterior leg pain and hip pain could be coming from tight periformis muscles. These stretches along with other ones the therapist showed me has decreased my pain. Thanks again! Linda from Omaha NE Loved the ducks!!!

  5. Hi Dr. Steve! I am still enjoying all of your helpful information. I too do many of these moves in the morning in a slower, static yoga routine. I like your ideas! Keep them coming!

  6. Dr. Steve, how long should you do this series in the AM? While I realize that body and self awareness plays a role in any efficient and adequate workout, from your experience, is there a certain number of reps or a certain amount of time your brain needs to maximize neuro-muscular benefit?

  7. Thank you. My husband, 62 & I, 51, are just starting to excercise. I just was told I am dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritus and want to head it off from every angle. Thanks again.

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