Barefoot Technology…Earthing At Charlestown Park


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The benefits of "earthing" are absolutely amazing!


I did a presentation on this about 6 months ago at the office and during my research, this is what I discovered about the benefits of actually getting your body connected with the earth:

1.  Anti-Oxidants!  That's right…when your body is exposed to toxins,gets rid of toxins, makes energy, fights off viruses, or makes hormones, it is breaking your body down and leaving behind an unpaired electron called a "free radical".

The free electrons that flood your body when you connect yourself to the earth go to work to neutralize those suckers and keep you from rotting like an apple (also known as AGING!)

2.  Helps ground you and protect you from all the electromagnetic pollution you're exposed to everyday like cell phones, wireless internet, powerlines, etc. 

3.  When you're barefoot on the earth, you are also flooding your nervous system with "afferance" or input that does three things 1. blocks pain  2. relaxes tight muscles 3. increases coordination to the brain!

When you wear shoes, this crucial input is GONE!  And paradoxically, you end up with more ankle sprains, hip and knee problems, and a greater likelihood of falling (and sometimes NOT being able to get back up!).

So take your shoes off, soak up some electrons from all those lightning strikes, improve your balance, and get back in tune with the NATURAL WAY!

Until next time…

Think good thoughts, eat good food, and STAY VERTICAL!

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