Can A Blender Destroy Nutrients? Plus…”A Big Smile on My Face”

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 Today I’d like to share with you a couple of recent emails that I think  we all can learn from…Enjoy!

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Dr. Hoffman,
Quick question…I just saw the "living well- health master blender" on TV, it heats blended food, does that destroy the nutrients of the food?  Can blended veggies be warmed on the stove, and still keep the nutritional value of the food?  I just meant warmed, not cooked or boiled.
Thanks – Teresa
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Hi Teresa, that’s the one with Montel Williams, right?  I caught a bit of it one time and it looks like another similar to vitamix and blendtec.
Those high powered dudes can heat up food but the bottom line is whether or not they can break the plane of 105 degrees where  enzymes begin to denature or up to 118 degrees where they are completely destroyed.
NUTRIENTS and ENZYMES are distinct, remember…
You can still get nutrients from cooked food (although the quantity is greatly diminished) but you cannot get the enzymes…therefore it will take more of YOUR energy and enzymes to get the energy intensive digestive process done.
So it will TAKE energy from you verses GIVNG you energy (I’m speaking of free electrons that provide your electronegative charge that neutralize the damaging free radicals in your body)
So a food thermometer is the only way…especially if you attempt to use the stove.
But YES, you can enjoy a nice 100 degree bowl of raw soup and still get the enzyme benefits…one of the awesome reasons to have some sort of high powered blender!
See you soon!
Dr. Steve
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And of course, these kind of unsolicited emails ALWAYS make my day!
Hey Dr. Steve – just a note to say thank you for helping me yesterday. My pain and stiffness has disappeared (at least for now), and it is amazing what a relief it is.

I walked around all day yesterday with a big smile on my face. I woke up this morning after the first restful night of sleep in six months and couldn’t wait to start the day. What a difference!

 I filled out the form for the trial this morning. I am excited to get started (if I’m accepted) and to work on these issues so that I do not have to deal with pain my whole life. I am concentrating on my breathing patterns as you suggested, and this is making a difference already.

Thanks again!! Talk to you soon. Have a wonderful day.


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Think good thoughts, eat good food, and for goodness sakes…KEEP MOVING!

Dr. Hoffman


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