PROOF That Your Genes Do NOT Control Your Health!

This video was life changing for me.  Dr. Bruce Lipton reveals biological proof of how your perception of your environment and therefore your BELIEFS control your biology.

We experience life through our central nervous system and my whole mission is to help YOU create a more balanced and AWARE nervous system so can be a better "antenna" for the amazing gifts life has to offer.

If your nervous system is "buzzing" due to stressful posture, stressful thoughts, and stressful diet habits, your ability to "taste" the universe is dulled. 

I especially like how he compares our body to a TV broadcast.  If the the TV blows up or gets turned off, does the broadcast stop or are we just no longer receiving it?

Enjoy this video or get his book, The Biology of Belief.  You are NOT a victim of your genes.

Welcome to "The New Biology" where the possibilities are endless as long as you're willing to believe.



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