The Longevity Secret Shared From The Top of Camelback Mountain

The secret I share at the summit of Camelback Mountain in part 4 of the Phoenix posture training series also brings this series to an end.

I enjoyed making these videos for you all so let  me know in the comments if you got any good out of them, OK?

So climb the mountain with me (it really is like a virtual climbing experience) and experience the view of the "valley of the sun" and discover the
"one thing" you can do that covers just about everything.

Dr. Steve

P.S. My fellow climber, Fabian, shares another key ingredient to health as he comes down the mountain in an unusual way.


  1. That is quite the climb.
    Interesting that toddlers will turn around backwards to go down the stairs or a slope, but adults will go down frontwards and hang on to a railing. Hmmmm….

  2. Yes, I agree. Get back to nature, get strength from it…become like a child…..if only we grew but didn’t change!

    • I guess we all have to create some challenges to overcome or it would just be to easy. We all have to make “The Hero’s Journey”, as Joseph Campbell put it.

  3. Thanks for sharing your awesome climb. My favorite part of a hike or climb is my time spent at the summit, meditating and appreciating nature.

  4. Dr. Steve,
    That was totally awesome!! I absolutely loved the background music and the scenery. Watching the video makes me want to leave right now and hike the adventure trail at the forestry. I think I will go do some biking and running while the weather is decent. 🙂

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