GardenCast! Easy Compost Bins And Organic Fertilizer


It's time to get that garden going! 

Remember…the best way to ensure good, organic, nutrient dense food is to GROW YOUR OWN!

It starts with the soil, of course.  And composting is the best way to get started in your gardening adventures!

In this episode you'll see the simple compost bins I made with FREE materials!

Plus…we get to visit our friends at their farm as we thank their horses for their "contribution" to the garden this year. 

Even if you don't make your own garden, It's SO important to get connected to your growers and BUY LOCAL whenever possible.

Also…our boys and our neighbor got to come along to cure some of their "Nature Deficit Disorder"

Enjoy and LEAVE A COMMENT to let me know what your biggest question is about starting or maintaining a successful organic garden!


  1. Thanks for a great gardening video Dr. Steve.
    My questions (for my new garden)
    1) When do I put my garden coverings (mulch type) down? Right after I plant the seeds? Or do I wait until the plants break through the surface?
    2) What type of mulch do you recommend?

    • I pull back my mulched leaves and straw to expose a seed bed them cover seeds with a light sprinkling of finished compost then a touch of straw to keep birds from picking off my seeds. Then when seedlings are strong, like 2 inches high, I’ll dress them with more finished compost and mulch them in good with a thick layer of straw.

      Thanks for watching! Here’s another good resource for no till gardening:

  2. Great video. It creates excitement in me for the spring and planting! I always enjoy and embrace your knowledge. Susan

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