Core Training Secrets From Prague – Part 2 “The Core of the Core”

The key concept from the new paradigm of posture and core training from Prague unfortunately kind of kicks Pilates in the teeth…YIKES!

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Pilates for it’s emphasis on “lengthening out” into good posture.  But in this video you’ll learn the critical difference in the way you should switch on the “core of your core”.

And it has nothing to do with “pulling your belly button to your spine”!

“Abdominal hollowing” as it’s called, has actually been proven to take you OUT of good stability.

So try the self test in this short video (it’s only about 2 and a half minutes) to see if YOU can properly activate the core of your core”!

See you at Piestawa Peak!

P.S.  I’m getting excited to re-open the Core Wellness Institute coaching course to the public in the new year.   

The trial group is on module 6 of 12 this week (I post a new module each week) and so far I’ve been getting awesome feedback from the participants who are using the unique posture and lifestyle action steps to enjoy less pain, more energy, and the ability to finally get back on track with their health.

UPDATE:  Full course is now live and we are enrolling.  Here’s a tour of the course and coaching program


  1. Sounds like convergent thinking between the Prague group and the Alexander technique as taught by Philip Pawley of England who suggests that the abdomen rather than the back support most of the chest’s weight.

  2. Yes! This is what I’ve been trying to teach many people for years. In my
    Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice this is exactly how you are able to balance during many moves. Without this techinque you have very limited stability and have problems feeling the chi as you are moving through a routine. Thanks again for spreading the awareness.

    • I just suggested that a young man take up those awesome martial arts just today because of the emphasis on the “real” core. It really is your center of power and center of energy and so many people “spill” it through flaring ribs in the front.

      I’ll keep putting it out there! Thanks for your comment, Michael!

  3. The interesting part, for me, is integrating this practice with the idea of pushing off from the support points; the two can easily come into conflict although both seem to me crucial pieces of optimal biomechanics.

    • Rajnar, great comment…

      It goes back to neurodevelopment and understanding and experiencing the feeling that before ANY movement happens, you must have stability in the saggital plane as created in the baby belly and baby back exercise in the “Reverse CPS Now” video series.

      With ideal central nervous system integration, the first thing to happen with the intention of pushing away is the core activation of the diaphragm with its postural function as discussed in this video. It’s easy to “push away” with our “man made” program because of all our compensations to life’s stresses, and not dig deep into the intention we had when we were 4 months old.

      That’s the key. Reawakening the 4 month old program without bringing in our dysfunctions.

  4. I can really feel it just as you describe it – but it’s the natural and relaxed breathing I can not seem to get once I “engage” the core. I really trying to work on this to counter muscular imbalances I have from years of Nordic ski training.

    • It’ not easy to get everything reintegrated. Functional, natural breathing should automatically create the same type of pressure you get when you “engage the core”. You just have to have the intention of pushing away from support point. We go deep into this in the coaching course at the Core Wellness Institute.

  5. Thanks to YOU for all your GIVING! Appreciative and healing thoughts going out to you, Rebecca, your Mom and brother-in-law!

  6. Echoing Michaels comment…using the diaphram and maintaining the core cylinder are critical to martial arts technique. The energy in martial (and healing) arts comes from the core (dantian). If the core alignments and structure are not correct, then there is no way to transmit rotational energy up from the ground and through the body. This is something we work on constantly in Qigong & TaiChi class.

    I always enjoy the videos…thank you and keep ’em coming.

  7. @Dave Deich

    Absolutely, Dave! Rotational energy is so beautiful but unfortunately problematic for so many people. You are so right about healing coming from the center of energy. Containing and recycling the energy of gravity is so powerful for healing.

    Thanks for your insightful comments.

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