3 Ways To Correct Your Posture And Reverse Your Body Age

Have you ever seen a 40 year old who looked like a 60 year old?  Or vice versa?

Of course!  But how does it happen???


Stress draws you in and closes you down.  And as you’ll see in the video, it’s the same pattern that someone with cerebral palsy or post stroke might exhibit.  VERY PREDICTABLE!

The exciting thing is that since we know these patterns, we can identify them early and teach you how to avoid the stress induced accelerated aging program that can sneak in on you during your life’s journey!


So the FIRST WAY to reverse your body age is to learn how to re-awaken your youthful posture patterns by invoking the thought or INTENTION of moment to moment peace with a feeling of constant growth and expansion. This intention alone can instantly make you look 5 to 10 years younger.

But the trick is MAINTAINING that moment to moment feeling of peace, growth, renewal, and expansion!

Not so easy if you have a habit of worrying, or you’re constantly living in fear. These THOUGHTS come from the wiring in your brain (also known as beliefs) which you’ve been developing from conception forward.

And until you change these beliefsintentional posture correction will always be a struggle because your thoughts of worry, scarcity, shame, sadness, and fear will always draw you back to the downward and inward spiral that makes you look and feel old and broken down.

To that end…The SECOND WAY to reverse your body age is to RELEASE old limiting beliefs and REWIRE some new beliefs into the neural circuits of your brain through the variety of modalities available from affirmations to meditation to emotional freedom technique to Psych-K to create new experiences and new references for your new, more empowering beliefs.

And last but certainly not least…The THIRD WAY you can reverse your biological age is to nurture your cells with good nutrition full of colorful, raw vegetables and fruits that can offset the aging process of “oxidation” or “free radical production”.

If the process of oxidation is not balanced with anti-oxidants, aging speeds dramatically…especially if you’ve got poor posture and lots of worry on your mind!

So how do you avoid letting stress draw you in to accelerated aging pattern? RELEASE the limiting beliefs, poor posture, and poor nutrition and REWIRE some NEW PROGRAMS into your brain and nervous system!

That’s what the “Release and Rewire” Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Mini Boot Camp here at Core Wellness has been doing for over 4 years as we’ve been taking people’s “body age” back in time and getting rid of all that “stinkin thinkin” that so easily gets us all in trouble!

There are still some seats available for our next one this coming Saturday, May 30th from 10 to Noon.  It’s extremely affordable and will give you practical strategies you can apply immediately to your life.  Read more about the Mini Boot Camp and register here.   Of course you can call us at 812-280-8170 to register as well.

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