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Comment:  I did some gardening today-lots of bending and lifting which made my back and neck very stressed and sore. I tried some of the exercises and felt immediately more relaxed and in less pain.

I really enjoy doing these exercises as they are very calming, and also indicate to me where the problem areas are. I never realised how important the breathing aspect of exercise is. Its made a big difference to me to undo the bad habit of upper chest breathing.
Looking forward to more.

Thanks Steve


Blackiebluewings has made a comment on Piriformis Stretch For Back Pain and Sciatica…Done Right!:

so simple yet soo effective. 


I was feeling old and stiff before my time.

I’ve suffered a number of sporting injuries over the years including broken ribs, toes, fingers and a broken hip. Impact exercises are now a thing of the past, mainly to help preserve my prosthetic hip for as long as possible, but also because of the pain caused elsewhere.

What I liked the most is the realisation that my whole body can be governed by achieving the correct posture. At 46 yrs old, this may take a little time, but I’m already finding that I am more conscious of how I position myself and also how I breathe. At just over 6′, and weighing in at 175lbs, I actually feel taller and more able to carry my weight in a more balanced and confident way.

The video clips are simple to follow and far better than trying to understand by reading a book.

I felt a bit regretful that my posture hasn’t been addressed at an earlier age. However, I don’t think it’s too late.

Colin Braithwaite, Tauranga, New Zealand


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I’m not responding to this particular post. I’m leaving a comment so express my appreciation for everything you are sharing with us. I have been suffering from chronic back pain for almost 30 years.

I’ve seen dozens of doctors, chiropractors, therapists, acupuncturists, you name it, and they all disagreed with each other. Oops, I forgot to mention MRIs interpreted differently by orthopedic surgeons, and the  doctors who told me to look up psychiatrists.

I’ve taken matters into my own hands. The information and videos you provide will make a huge difference in my life.




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So simple, the way you explain it.


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You have a new fan. I love your videos and find them invaluable. You keep it simple as well as inexpensive, therefore anybody can do those exercises. They are also SAFE! Great channel. I will be back to watch as many of your videos as possible. Thank you.


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Author : Betsy

Comment:    Thanks for another great video.  I need to reprogram the way I use my body, reaching, bending, carrying things. I tend to tense my shoulders and bend straight down straining my back. I have though been more aware of just how I use my body since doing your exercises and your correct sitting video.





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Author : Jilly
Comment:    I love watching your videos.  You are a very kind & generous person giving out this knowledge.


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Author : lesley

Comment:    Both hips got to 0′ but my knees were both at ~45! When I pulled my lower leg to 90′ at the knees my hip and thighs got an awful stretch that I had to ease off right away!  Ow.  I feel old!  Please, what is the exercise??

Thanks.  I’ve only just joined and I think this is a great mission and very generous of you.  I’ve had core amnesia for almost all my life I think.  I want to change that!


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thanks you are my hero. I exercised with suspension equipment this morning and did some foam rolling after to loosen my lower back muscles and it band. I started having muscle spasms, numbness and pain from my hip to my knee. I have done your stretches that you recommended and it has loosened the muscle in my lower back and hip. I can now walk with out numbness and spasms.

Thanks again doc you are so helpful.


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Author : Becky Irvin

Comment:   Thank you for helping me not get the dowager’s hump.  I try to look younger than I am.  Enjoy your vacation.


Author : Janice

Comment:    I took you up on the invitation to notice my posture at various times over the weekend.  I asked the simple question “Am I pushing away from my support points?”  This simple suble shift helped me see in an instant the benefit of being aware of balance from an inner perspective instead of the habitual focus on what goes on around me.  What a powerful place to start, you have my attention.


Author : Pattie

Comment:  I tried the test, and was surprised, my wrists touched the ground, and my ribs stayed down. Granted I had the intention, so that was in innovator. Before finding this site, I’m not sure I wo uld keep my ribs down to the ground.
Thank you



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God bless you! I tried this stretch where it told me to do something similar to this but lying on the ground, well the ground made my tailbone hurt very bad! This helps a lot. I knew my sciatic pain was from a stiff muscle because it felt like someone was sitting on my back all the time. Now I feel amazing!


Hi Dr. Steve,

So far I have mixed feelings about the content of your videos.

On the plus side, I think the two self-diagnosis videos were great!!!  On the negative side, the upper and lower self-tests
showed me that I have a lot of work to do 🙁

I guess that explains my left shoulder, lower back and hip discomfort.  I consider myself to be an active and health-conscious person but my desk job is a definite hindrance.  I certainly look forward to the next self test and even more so to solutions.

I’ve set up a program on my computer at work to remind myself to take frequent breaks incorporate short exercise/stretching sessions.

I love your mission about creating awareness of CPS.  I’m trying to do my part to help you by sharing the info I’ve learned so far with my family and friends.

Finally, I have also enjoyed the videos (standing desk, exercise-ball chair, lifting technique, etc) on your website!!

Many thanks!!!

Pete Knoepfle


Author : Karen B

Comment: I am old (53), overweight and out of shape, but have been told I have good posture. I figured trying this I would look like a pretzel, so I was stunned, when I laid down next to a full length mirror so I could see what was touching and what was not, to find that I was able to perform this easily with only a very tiny arch in my neck.

Eagerly awaiting next lower back installment of these tests as most of my problems are lower back and hip related.

By the way found your site and tried the back pain relief video. After only 3-4 minutes the constant pain, muscle tension and rigidity I have had running from the top of my hips across the top of my buttocks for several years was much improved.

I was, in fact, actually able to massage this area for the 1st time in recent memory without this muscle feeling like it was made of stone.  Thanks so much!!!


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I have used our village’s computer to look for help with my buttock pain.  I was heading for the nut house with this pain.  This has helped a lot. I will never forget your kindness.


Author : Cynthia

Comment:  Thank you for these, they’re dazzling.  There’s stuff in this video nobody else shows you  (including the right way to lunge).   I’ve been doing these 7 exercises faithfully every day since you sent them.  Bought a foam roller and all.

I wanted to tell you, the other day at a stoplight (seatbelted in obviously) I went to peel off the extra layer I had on, a kinda stiff sweatshirt, and it was so easy I was startled – my shoulders are so much freer.

I’ve got my husband watching some of the videos on your website. Clear, practical info that should be universally known but it sure isn’t; and your way of presenting it is wonderful.

Now we’d like to find out about the rest of the Dr.Steve system, please.


thecybermom has made a comment on Piriformis Stretch For Back Pain and Sciatica…Done Right!:

I can’t even begin to thank you for the information you’ve given me.

When I began the first stretch I knew instantly that this was what I had been praying for:) All I can say is bless you.

On the second leg stretch I had to cry. Not because of the pain but because of the relief it gave me INSTANTLY.

Today since 5am I’ve been rotating from chair to chair to bed to couch to floor to every pillow I have (even the ones that are just for looks:) I took Ibuprofen, but nothing worked. Thank you


Author : Sandy Smiley

Comment:   Yes ….. auspicious change is in the air!   Watching your journey over the years and being a part of your life vision, Steve and Rebecca,  has been a wonderful transformation for me and my family.  Your positive energy and passion for living a healthy lifestyle while sharing that knowledge with the people who are fortunate enough to know you is ….. profound.


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Author : Lynn Kissel

Comment:   Congratulations to you both as you move forward in your healing ministry.  I feel privileged to have been part of the “old” and transitioning into the “new”.

That really describes how I feel personally….leaving behind old habits of mind and body as I develop new ones – feeling better every single day.  My thanks to you both.

Lynn Kissel


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Author : RCYO

Comment: In baby belly breathing exercise, is Rebecca’s forehead resting directly on the mat or does she have her face turned toward Dr Steve? In the video, her hair is concealing how she places her head.

I found an extra-firm black foam roller on amazon from Isokinetics, Inc. It does not compress at all, and looks just like the one in this video.

Thanks for posting these exercises in the video. They are helping me tremendously! I especially appreciate your instructions on the correct way to do lunges. When I developed arthritis in my knees, I had given up lunges until your instructions allowed me to do them again.


  1. Sounds like an excellent idea! Cant wait !

    Im really glad you are taking the journey and stepping out……..for everyone!


    Peg Fields

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