Dave the Raw Food Trucker Talk Sparks Immediate Results!

After hearing Dave Conrardy tell his story this weekend about reversing disease while losing over 200 pounds with a low glycemic, green vegetable juicing along with a raw vegan lifestyle, I was re-inspired to get even MORE GREEN FOOD and especially…GREEN GRASSES into my daily routine.

And I was thrilled to see a good friend and fellow chiropractic physician, Dr. Andrew Baer,  come in this morning and say since he came to Dave's talk that we co-sponsored this past Saturday night, he had been juicing for a day and a half and he was having less pain and more energy already…just after one gallon of green juice!

Dave's message is simple…GREEN FOOD HEALS!

I appreciated his balanced, non-dogmatic, non-judgemental approach during his talk and during our private conversations.

I look forward to working with Dave to help spread the word about natural healing to the world!  Watch for us to join forces soon to, as the name of his company says…"Get The Word Out!"

Thanks Dave!  We love you, man!  Keep on trucking!

Be sure to catch Dave on his current U.S. and Canadian tour while you can.  The schedule is on his website HERE

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