Free Posture Exercise Series Coming Down…And a Quick Favor

After almost 2 years, I've decided to take down the current "Reverse Crossed Posture Now!" Free Fundamentals Exercise Series.

Watch the short video below to discover why (and hear about what's coming that's even BETTER!)

PLUS…I'm asking for a favor.  I need an honest answer to this question… "How Can I Help You!"

So in the comments below, imagine you and I were sitting down to a private conversation.  What 1 or 2 questions would you like to ask me?  What do you need help with? 

I'll be answering some of these questions on a future video.  I won't be able to answer all of them individually, but I will use the questions to guide upcoming content, classes, and topics for Core Wellness TV!

Just post your comments and questions below!

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  1. Despite working daily on your program the pain in my buttocks persists.  Which are the best exercises to strenghten this area?  Should I spend more time on them?
    In my general daily living, how do I keep my shoulders from rounding and prevent my shoulder blades from jutting out?

  2. I just became a member and was working thru all the modules which were so valuable to me.  I am devastated to here I won't have access to them.  I tried to see if I could download the videos but I don't see a button to push to download.  I guess I will have to take detailed notes on each video which will take days.  How long do I have before they come down?

    • @ Miss Jacqueline…you are not losing anything my dear. As an existing course student, you can take a deep breath as ALL the content that is in the free series is all on the corewellnessinstitute training site and you have indefinite access!

      Regarding how long before they come down…It could be anytime but it will likely be about a week or so.

  3. Hi, I have really enjoyed your series and tried several exercises, especially the one you sent out last week – streaching out the back. That was really good. I have a big problem with my left side as I have ischias and have had for a long time. First I  just thought it was "false ischias" with tense muscles, but now I have learned that its real. And it hurts. I'm not interested in any operation. What can be done to make this go away?  I also have a hump in my neck – I call it vulcher neck – don't know if it is the right term – but is this something that can be trained?

  4. Monica…thank you for your comments and questions.  Be sure to find a McKenzie practitioner  (physical therapist tor chiropractor usually) first if it is indeed "real" sciatica.  It's all very tricky.
    I've seen many bad neck postures come around.  Only big trouble is when it's been so long that the bony structure has deformed.
    I'm sure you're not the only one wondering if there's help.  Thanks.

  5. Hello, sure like your exercises up to this point.  I have been using the "log" for easing upper back tension, was also recommended by by massage therapist.  I am trying to improve my posture as I am slightly sway back and I desperatly need to strenghen my stomach muscles.  I do sit ups and leg raises but cannot seem to feel the strength I need there to help my posture. I have had 4 babies and am not a "spring chicken" but I can get results from exercise elsewhere.  I walk straight and try to have good posture but it does not come naturally and tires my upper back muscles trying to carry myself properly.  I do think it is a "core" thing.   Thanks for your sharing your knowledge.

    • Yes, Ann…definitely a “core” thing. The problem is there’s too much confusion about what the “true core” is! I would advise against situps and leg raises for the core as a quick “damage control” suggestion.

      Focus on the “baby back” position with extreme attention paid to your back support zone. Just breathing properly in the position is a workout. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Greetings!  My Husband has carbul tunnel with his left hand only. What causes this and what can help give him relief?
    Also,  the stretch exercises for my sciatica is slowly lessen  the pain these past 4 weeks! I will keep at it till no pain!
    Thanks, Dr. Steve for your free advice! God bless you!

    • @kim…Carpal tunnel is not always and dare I say rarely even a problem at the carpal tunnel. Most of the time the problem is upstream in the forearm, shoulder, neck muscles, or spine. Maybe I need to put together a series for it since it’s such a common problem.

      Great to hear about the sciatica problem calming down!

      Thanks for your comment!

  7. I have arthritis of the right hip. Is there an exercise to give me more mobility, and normal walking, without a limp? I also have a problem with shin splints in my right leg, is there a way to eliminate this problem?

    • @David…there’s LOTS of things to do that can help arthritic hips. As a matter of fact, it’s usually the trigger points in the muscles around the hip that cause a lot of the pain. When the muscle balance around the hip is as it was designed, pain can be dramatically reduced if not eliminated.

      Shin splints are usually a result of poor foot mechanics but can literally be coming from any faulty or corrupted movement patterns throughout your whole body. No matter what the problem, the best way to get rid of the problem and keep it gone is to start with a solid core and functional movement patterns based on the way we developed as infants. I would suggest trying our home training course when we release it again. I think you might be surprised at the results.

      Thanks for your comment!

  8. Dr Steve thanks so much for your program!  My overall health has improved because of your program & my physical therapist.  I would keep your crucial concepts.  They have changed my life.  I could use more on the nutrition section & breaking nutrition into simple terms to understand. Great snacks or recipes.  I discovered, (on my own) that my magnesium levels were to low.  That one natural medicine along with one other item has improved my back problems & other problems whereas the physical wasn't a total fix. 
    I'd probably ask you on help with overcoming a dominant side & ways to change my daily approaches.  

    • @Beverly…You are welcome! You’re a great student!

      The “Crucial Concepts” are not going anywhere. Only the current FREE video series is changing to better reflect the holistic nature of the home training course.

      More nutrition and breaking it down even simpler is a great idea. A great way to do that on your own is to take a look at all the “TLC Action Guides” and check out the nutrition sections in there. The fundamentals are covered in the first 2 or 3.

      Magnesium is HUGE! Thanks for the reminder to make an even BIGGER deal out of it!

      Thanks for you comments!

  9. I'm a personal Trainer. You don't know how much ure videos meant to me. Being able to explain to my clients their problems in a technical way really helps. Just be there for us. If we post any question/questions pls try to get back to us whenever U can make time. That will be more then enough. Thank you again sir.

    • @Jack…yes it was quite a “swoop through” wasn’t it? I noticed in the video that butterflies from the garden felt their energy and swooped right along with them!

  10. Thanks for everything you do Dr H. ! Now I'll have to admit I've rather let myself go . I went through 5 months of excruciating sciatica last year and it seemed to resolve after my chiropractor gave me a lift for my left leg . But now it's come back around , ironically in the same month as it started last year (August).  Now she tells me I have piriformis syndrome and gave me buttock tightening exercises to do with my right foot pointed outwards . They didn't seem to help so I stopped . My main issue seems to be going from a sitting to a standing position as well as when I cough or sneeze. So my question is how do I stop , or at least alleviate this pain ? I'm aware that a commitment has been lacking here and that this is part of my problem too. Thank you in advance .

    • @JIm…I don’t like the fact that your symptoms increase when you cough or sneeze. I always rule out disc lesions when there’s sciatica with increased pressure like a cough, sneeze.

      You should do the same. Check this PDF out and I’ll likely do a follow up so everyone gets this message loud and clear.

  11. Dr Steve,  I would ask….Based on a review of my posture  and feedback on where I am having trouble with exercises from the modules, what specific exercises do you recommend I focus on?

  12. @Jeff…I know this won't make much sense to anyone whose not a course student, but after our conversation I would do the following exercises from the course…I still feel like the key issues are your feet and waking up your deep neurodevelopmental core
    Arch Activator
    Deep Hip Rotation Awareness
    Deep Hip Rotation with Band
    Baby Back focus on nailing a breath without weight shift to pelvis
    Dying bug same thing
    Pelvic Lift
    Modified baby back

  13. Thanks for your reply Steve.  Gee, I see I need to go back and pay more attention to your recommended exercises.  Thank you also for the Periformis Syndrome exercises you have given the link to.  My husband had a fusion and laminectomy two years ago and has not done well since.  The pain is not in his back but in his hips and legs as sciatica.  I am not sure if he can do all of the exercises but they may help his journey to figure out what is wrong.  The surgeon who did the surgery could not see any reason from X-Rays and MRI that he is having such pain and numbness.  Also a second doctor has said he did not think he would benefit from additional surgery.  Thanks again!

    • @Ann…I would search out a DC or PT who focuses on rehabilitation and soft tissue work such as Active Release Technique. Check HERE for some ART providers. Also HERE for excellent physical rehab providers.

  14. Dr. Steve,
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I have a question: Can very weak pelvic floor muscles be strenghtened and vaginal prolapse surgery be avoided? I delivered 3 children naturally in my 20's and 30's and am now post menapausal . This muscle weakness has increased over the last few years. Pilates-type abdominal moves (especially roll-up's) actually exacerbate the condition. I already do lots of kegels! Will your program likely correct a weak pelvic floor?
    Thank you again, Kim

  15. @Kim…yes, Kim.  It is possible to strengthen the pelvic floor and prevent prolapse.  Training the pelvic floor along with "switching on" the entire "deep core stability" system with neurodevelopmental techniques like we use in the comprehensive course is very powerful.
    I will not be going in depth into preventing prolapse in the new free series I talked about in this video.  It will cover the most important basics with the most impact.
    Sounds like the full course is what will benefit you most.  We will be opening it up again soon.

  16. I have an artificial hip, and I'm not supposed to let my left leg cross the midline. I have low back, thigh, glute and hip pain on the left side. Do you have exercises that are safe for me?

    • It’s tricky, but a worthy goal. It takes good rib mobility so your cage can move outward without having to depend on chest lifting to respire. Also, it’s important to understand that functional, organic, diaprhagmatic breathing CREATES a brace in and of itself. This is the ultimate goal…to let your breath become your brace.

  17. hi dr steve im ant..actually i have a problem in mi left leg,, i think is a piriformis sindrome, i  would like to know somw exercises o some injection for my problem…thanks ,i apreciate your atention….

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