Grounding For Mental Clarity, Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition, How Many People Have Crossed Posture Syndrome?

Lessons From Spring PeepersSince I had 3 of my websites go down this past weekend (they tell me I was "hacked" but I'll never know for sure), I got all "spun up" into a sugar burning, carb craving, poor sleep quality state of health.

So to balance my body, mind, and spirit, I headed to the park for a trail run/walk.  The clarity was immediate so I decided to share what was on my mind.

Today is a "3 Pillars of Core Wellness" Episode:

Mindset – How to use nature to reduce stress and create mental clarity plus words of wisdom from Joseph Campbell about risk and  following your bliss.

Nutrition – Learn which foods trigger inflammation and how to get it under control so you don't end up living with pain, fatigue, and degenerative disease

Movement – Learn the reason why a full 1/3 of people have a higher chance of developing strain and pain from Crossed Posture Syndrome.

BONUS:  Big lesson from the spring peepers!  Why stress keeps you from fully expressing yourself and your true potential and what to do about it.



  1. Hi Steve
    Glad to see the website problem is sorted and that you are practising what you preach! It was a great video and I'm sure the break in the woods helped restore your equilibrium!  I was sorry to see that the recent storms that had a devastating effect on some Indiana communities was so close to where you are.  Hope you and yours are all safe and well.  I'll respond to your CPS course email and give you feedback on progress so far on the Institute site after the weekend. Busy days! 

    • It was one of those big “shifting” days on the trail in the woods. The added excitement of a new adventure made it that much more powerful. “Follow your bliss into the woods!” BTW…”Finding Joe” is a new film that’s out about the impact Joseph Campbell and his unique insights.

      Thanks for your concern about the storms, Tim. It is definitely crazy. Our family was lucky the main rotation was about 15 miles north of us. As it all shakes out, we will definitely have many of our patients and clients affected. -drh

  2. Happy Trails!
    What an uplifting and joyful video. So pleased to see you out there enjoying that beautiful trail.

  3. I stopped the video about 1/3 of the way and took skye and mojo for a walk – I usually walk them twice a day but hadn't yet today – just wasn't into it – but now that i'm back i'm so glad that i did – looking forward to tomorrow's warmer weather for working in the garden to make some of those greens! 

    • That’s awesome, Diane! Nearly all of my greens have wintered over and have started feeling the flow. Especially anxious for my parsley patches!

  4. And who knew that Skye would be gone the next day – nothing made her happier than going for a walk! 

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