Avoid Back Injuries With This Simple Functional Fitness Move

One of the top fitness trends for 2010 that actually makes sense is "Functional Fitness".

This means training your body with movements that actually mimic real life situatations or "activities of daily living".

In this short but VERY impactful video, I talk about the most basic functional fitness move that you MUST incorporate into your everyday living or else suffer the eventual consequences of debilitating back pain, sciatica, and hip problems.


 I have literally seen people die (one very recently) because of a back pain episode that caused horrible disability and depression.

So I honestly believe that this simple "hip hinge" move can literally save your life!

ALSO…after watching the video below, be sure to check out this previous video post I did that incorporates the hip hinge move during a highly effective stretch for sciatica, back pain, and hip pain. (13,127 views and 35 comments to date!)


What other questions about fitness do you have?  I'm sure many of you have embarked on new or different exercise program as a New Year's resolution…right?  What's your biggest concern or question about exercising?  Leave your question by leaving a comment below! 


  1. Great video, Dr. Steve! Thanks for always sharing your tips and insight in relevant situations! ANy tips on picking up, holding, laying down and/or carrying kids?? Hope you and the fam are well!


    • Absolutely, Maggie…the perfect “Young Mother” functional fitness exercise series for an upcoming episode!
      And thanks, the family is AWESOME!!

  2. Thanks for the great tip Dr. Steve!
    We are already deep into shoveling season here in Ottawa, ON Canada. Watching this video has made me realise how often I don’t do the Hip Hinge. Just like my yoga instructor says “bend at the hips, not the waist”.
    With more snow on the way, I will have some time to practice shoveling correctly.

    • Glad it helped remind you, Beth! Once it’s trained into your nervous system to hip hinge, brace, and breathe…snow shoveling is GREAT exercise!

  3. Hi DR Steve,
    I came across your website yesterday-it’s awesome!
    I watched the Bruce Lipton video and would like advice on how I can change my negative and strssed out outlook on life, where do i start to change myway of thiking, any tips lease(
    cheers Rick in the uk

  4. Hey Rick! WOW…intense question! That really is THE question, isn’t it?

    Many strategies out there but the most powerful is essentially “rewiring” your brain by identifying what you DON’T want…then flipping it around in an affirmation you write out and repeat with lots of feeling and excitement for a minimum of 3 weeks.

    The other (and more powerful) strategy is to begin some sort of meditation practice which automatically “washes” your stressful perceptions away as you become more attuned to the universal intelligence!

    Oversimplified, I know…but I’ll likely address this one in one of the upcoming “Core Wellness Radio” podcasts.

    Check into Louise Hay for affirmation work and Ram Dass’s “Journey to Awakening: http://www.amazon.com/Journey-Awakening-Meditators-Ram-Dass/dp/0553285726

  5. Thanks Dr Steve for the very useful information, I’ll check the links out, Cheers :]
    ON Slow walking- I read only the other week that ex world class marathon runner Liz McColgan [Scotland]recommends doing running drills, ie high knees etc very slowly to improve running form and balance.

  6. WoW Doctor I never knew the difference. Thank you so much. I am determined NOT to get surgery for my herniated/bulging discs. I know I prolly shouldn’t bash my Kaiser doctor MD but in my desperation to NOT go on their chronic pain opiates diet. I suggested to my MD chiropractic care, he stated those doctors would only aggravate my condition. I think different. Something within me did not swallow that way. I have been doing my own research and God sent me to your videos=webpage. I don’t want to be another statistic and live my life on opiates do to my pain. (I am opiate free) I got off that roller coaster of hell a few months ago.Your videos have helped me and I appreciate you for the kind soul that you are. It’s still hard for me to believe that a doctor such as yourself actually cares. I have had my share of doctors. I am not bashing them as this is all they know. I appreciate your holistic approach and once again I appreciate you and you’re knowledge. I only wish I was in your neck of the woods I’d go see you…Thank you God bless you. Angel from the Bay (CA)

    • Hello Angel!

      Thanks for you kind reply. There IS an answer when you keep asking the right questions and getting in the right mindset!

      btw…I believe most doctors DO care, but just lack natural medicine knowledge and therefore cannot recommend it.


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