New Options For Natural Pain Relief and Core Training At Home

Ready For A Good Healing Belly Laugh?

ANNOUNCING…The New DVD Home Training System
From Core Wellness
(Special "Pre-Launch" Opportunities For Blog Visitors)

As you can see in the "Bloopers" video above, we finally made the leap and took the advice of our clients when they said… 


"You know, you guys should make a video of your exercise circuit so people can do it at home whenever they want!" 


BUT before we officially launch it on the world wide web, we want to give you…"our official tribe" the first chance to sample it at a HUGE discount so you can tell us how it works for you!


Here’s 2 Cool Things We’re Doing For You
During This "Pre-Launch" period



IF YOU’RE LOCAL AND EXPERIENCING PAIN, and have never been treated or trained at Core Wellness, you could be a candidate for a 30-Day Natural Pain Relief Study we’re doing here at the downtown Jeffersonville office combining this home training system with one-on-one personal assessments and "hands on" treatment. 


To find out exactly what to expect and how you can get access to over $634 worth of treatment, training, home training DVD’s, and home gym tools for FREE, go now to


PLEASE NOTE:  We are only accepting 30 qualified applicants for this trial and considering the fact that  we’re footing over 2/3rd’s of the bill, I would get your application in FAST!



If you HAVE been treated or trained here before or if you’re NOT local and can’t make the trips to our office, you still have the option of getting your hands on this exciting new home system at a HUGE discount.


You can see everything that’s included in the home program and also discover how you can actually get the whole home system FOR FREE at (look for the special "green" section)


But you’ll have to act fast (especially if you’re shooting for one of the 30 clinical trial spots) because BOTH of these offers EXPIRE JULY 24th, 2009!

Discover A Whole New World Of Pain Relief and Peak Performance at




  1. Yes, the squat is very important!! enjoyed that. Reminds me of when we were young sitting in church and once the giggles started, we couldn’t stop them. I am excited for your muscle balance series. I have gotten tips from you and apply them to my current core workout, but am excited to get the full program. Great work!!! It is so important for your health, posture, and daily vitality! It truly makes a difference.

    Susan Miller

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