How To Get Kids To Eat Their Greens!


I am absolutely tickled to bring you this new video I created from the photos and video we took during our "Garden Classroom" experience this fall at our sons' school, Community Montessori.

As you'll see, the kids got to help prepare the soil while we talked about how the compost we used is considered "vitamins for the plants" and that greens are special because they can grow in the fall and even far into winter! (because of high omega 3 content in their cell walls, but we didn't quite sink that one in!)

Also, we talked about biology in that plants need water, sun, and healthy soil to grow.

The compost feeding taught them that you don't have to use chemical fertilizers and also the importance of recycling plant matter!

A LOT of lessons here, eh?

They watched it grow for about 6 weeks and I returned for the harvest.  They were anxiously anticipating this day when they could EAT A SALAD from their OWN garden that THEY participated in!

(I brought some raw sunflower seeds to sprinkle and Annie's Goddess Dressing was a big hit!)

Imagine that, a child anxiously awaiting
the time when they could eat a salad.

THIS is learning and this is what education should be all about…LIFE SKILLS.  You won't find any of this on standardized tests but this lesson will stick FOREVER because it was a big EVENT and they all had EMOTIONAL connection to the process.  

Now it's hard wired into the neural circuits of their brain.

I can't wait to do more of this…I have certainly found a new passion!!

Enjoy the video and please share it with as many people as possible to spread the good word and teach the world how you can really get kids to eat their greens!!


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