How To Stoop And Reach Without Hurting Yourself



Let's face it…you've got to bend over to do stuff. 
So you might as well learn how to do it in a way that doesn't chew up your joints, muscles, and tendons in the process.
Today's episode of Core Wellness TV goes step by step process to "injury proof" your stooping process.
I think about it every time I plug-in and unplug my laptop into the power strip under my desk.
I actually had a janitor ask me to do this one because he does this exact process hundreds of times a day when he reaches under cubicles to change trash can liners.
If you work with little children (teachers, daycare, etc.) this is HUGE for you as to bend and reach correctly
But, like I said, we ALL do it more than we could possibly realize.  So you might as well learn how to protect your body in the process!
Join me and my geese friends at the gazebo on an amazingly energetic sunshiny day and get your stoop on!
Dr. Steve
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