How to lift, push, pull, and squat…correctly! (HYDWYDWYDI)

Today you learn the secret to the uncanny success my clients experience when it comes to getting rid of annoying pain and ultimately KEEPING the pain away!

The secret???  HYDWYDWYDI!!!

What’s that mean?  It means what’s really important when it comes to remodeling and rewiring your posture for a pain free, active, and energetic life is…

How You Do What You Do When You Do It!

It’s about EVERY MOMENT!  This moment to moment awareness of living your life with maximum effeciency and maximum congruence or alignment of your joints is what allows your brain to “rewire” your movement pathways for smooth, integrated movement!

Yes, you can accomplish some significant rewiring with a daily exercise routine and I prescribe corrective exercise for everyone!  

BUT nothing compares to rewiring HYDWYDWYDI when it comes to remodeling and rewiring your posture for protection from disc injuries, sciatica, arthritic degenerative disease, carpal tunnel, plantar fascitis, and all the other completely preventable and often even reversible life-stealing conditions!

Enjoy this screencast that goes over some simple corrections to some of the common movements that “chew up” your joints when done incorrectly.

Be sure to let me know if these help you and what else you’d like to know how to do without injuring yourself by leaving a comment below!  Thanks!!


  1. Great clip Doc! I especially liked the toggle back and fourth from wrong to strong and back again just to make sure we got it.

    How about jumping? I was jumping up on some plyo-boxes last week and don’t think I was landing the safest way on the way back down.I think I felt some spinal compression. Off in the distance I think I hear something about 3 pillars.

  2. Wonderful, very very helpful video. Thank you so much for taking the time to produce these instructional videos.

  3. Thank-you. This is just what I’m fretting about at the prospect of returning to work. I sell kitchens and the pod containing the door and granite samples is not egonomically designed. The samples fit into slots, posisitioned horizontally,one above the other. The top ones are just below waist height – so they will be no prob to slide out – but the lower ones are go down to just 150mm off the floor.

    What would be the safest way to slide them out? Looking at your video, kneeling with flat back?

  4. Some very helpful information here.
    I would like to know how to properly row a canoe. I tend to always work on my left side and last year I hurt my shoulder doing it. It seems to be healed now but I want to correct anything I’m doing wrong if I can before doing too much of it this year.

  5. This video was meant for me. I constantly round my back during gardening, and feel the effects later in the day. Now I will be far more cognizant of body mechanics during everyday activities. Thanks

    • It’s EVERYTHING when you’re gardening and the same with every movement every moment!! You’re brain needs to hear “I am constantly in the process of rewiring my movement programs for efficient and strain free movement. HYDWYDWYDI!!!!!!

  6. Love it. And I always try to do the see-saw bend when brushing my teeth. But to be honest, in public it looks a little rude! Must overcome some modesty. 🙂 Thankyou so much for your sharing. These are such valuable ideas I can put into action daily and straight away. REally useful. Please keep them coming and I’m wishing you and your team the very best of success.

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